02MJG - 19th Pesta Penang 2010

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 30, 2010 8:54 PM

To all 2nd Manjung Company members who are attending Pesta 2010

Yes, it's me, your PIC - CPL Serene Ling - speaking (Typing??) here.
And yes, I am too lazy to go and tell you guys one by one about the latest updates, so READ YOURSELF.

As a reminder:
  • Pesta is from 11th - 15th June 2010 (Whether or not got stay-over on 10th June will be decided later)
  • Accommodation is at St. Xavier's Institution, S.K. Hutchings and Convent Light Street.
  • Perak contingent is making its own Green T-shirt, so you all don't have to worry 'bout looking for green shirts already. (That's why I needed to collect extra RM19 - Those who haven't paid up, please do so ASAP!)
  • Things to bring:
SLEEPING BAG - Yes, I know I originally said no need, but there's some changes, so please find your own sleeping bags and bring!
Ceremonial uniform/Full uniform (a.k.a. Day Dress) - Please make sure they are complete!
Enough clothes (SOCKS!!!) and personal items (Toiletries, medication, some money, etc.) - Please bring at least ONE pair of long pants/jeans because we will need to wear it during the Pesta.
Parental consent form - They should all be with me already; those who have not passed them up, Monday (31/5/2010) is the dateline!
  • Things NOT to bring:
Expensive electronics and etc. - Cameras, handphones, MP3s - You bring, you jaga. You hilang, YOUR PROBLEM.
Unnecessary stuff i.e. junk food, games and bla bla bla - Please don't make your bags so packed/full/heavy that you will have problem carrying it around!
  • Officers-in-charge:
W/O Cheng Zee Wei
W/O Goh Tee Hann

Members who have not handed in their consent forms/RM19 payment:
  • LCPL Daniel Khoo
  • PTE Kong Wen Chuen
ASAP, please and thank you!

For those who're having uniform problems i.e. missing parts, uniform not complete, etc., please seek out your respective schools' quartermasters and SETTLE IT YOURSELF.

As for the next briefing, I will decide and tell you all after I have discussed with our OIC.
In the meantime, check back here once in a while for updates.

19th Pesta Penang 2010 - Homepage
19th Pesta Penang 2010 - Facebook

Lastly, please remember to pray for the event and for God's guidance that we may have a safe journey there.
Feel free to contact me about any questions (Or find me go out yam cha also never mind de!).

Take care of yourselves, watch your attitudes and the way you act, because you are there as 2nd Manjung Company.
And don't forget to ENJOY YOURSELVES!

UPDATE (30/5/2010 - 9.13pm)
Next briefing is:
  • Sunday (6th June 2010)
  • 4.30pm - 5.00pm
  • Just come for a short while to discuss some things with the officers.
  • Anything? Ask Serene (ACS) or Jia Hao (NH)

yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream...

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Woke up at 'bout 11 this morning to Andrew's message:
Kia go breakfast. 

So I figured, "Okay lor, go out a while lor,".
Climbed out of bed, got ready and went to meet up at his house.

Rupa-rupanya kan, the bugger haven't even bathed also.
Me and Alex had to wait for him there.
He bathe... So long lah.

Anyway, went to pick up Alan, then we all went to a shop we call 老地方 (Lao Di Fang - Old Place).
Markie joined us there in a while (Come back from KL also tak bagi tau!), and as usual, we just sat there and crapped chatted for a while.
Lagi teruk than Gossip Girl I tell you, the time we can spend there drinking and talking!

After that we went back to Andrew's place to continue our crapping chatting.
Until around 3-something, then they wanted to go to McD.
Okay lor, so I just follow.

On the way to McD, we picked up Rebecca.
Reach there, continue crapping chatting some more.
(See, see? Teruk right, we can gossip talk nonstop de!)

4.30pm, Markie took me to church - MYF - then 6.00pm Andrew took me back again.
Anyway I reached home 'bout 6.30pm today.

My 'go out a while' turned out to be missing whole afternoon!
But no complaints lah, haven't seen Andrew and Markie in quite a while, so it was cool meeting them again.

Anyways, I keep thinking that if my dad knew my best and closest friends are all guys, I think he would seriously freak.
And then start a lecture that won't end for hours.
Once he starts, he never stops.
It's kind of like eating Pringles, just a lot more sien-ing.

But that's me.
I am more comfortable around guys instead of girls, and these friends of mine never fail to cheer me up.
Doesn't matter what's gone on or what problems I'm having, just being around them - going out or doing stuff together - can make me forget everything for a few hours.
It's like that's a happy place for me, y'know?

Few people can understand this, I suppose.
Just because I prefer hanging out with guys, people get all sorts of funny ideas.
Well, what can I say?
As long as I'm in the right frame of mind and doing stuff for the right reasons, no one has the right to discourage me and distance me from these friends.


Today's MYF talk was on self esteem, the first of a topic that will cover a few weeks.
I know, I haven't shown my face at Wesley's MYF for a loooooooooooong while, but today so ngam lah!
Just nice can be there for this topic, something that I guess I can relate to, huh?

Next few weeks, if I'm free, I'll try to catch the rest of the talks.

Anyway, it's just a casual post from me.
Should start studying for Physics on Monday.

Kondo itsu aeru?
Shikata nai-yo, aitakatta desu...


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I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hate getting my plans disrupted.

Like, stuff I've arranged for and planned for, then suddenly cannot be carried out.
That really gets me frustrated and sometimes pissed off, too.

I mean, I spent time and effort to lay out plans, then at the last minute all of the 'scheming' doesn't work out.
What a letdown lah!

Especially if its something that really matters to me, then it doesn't work out because of someone else who didn't play his part properly.
I know this makes me sound like a control freak, but I just want things to be carried out according to plan.

Sometimes I get these great ideas and then have to ditch them.
Aiyo, what a waste lah!
Sure will feel very very very disappointed, right?

Anyway, the story is that I arranged for a package to be passed on to a friend in KL.
Inside is some important stuff which I initially wanted to give him myself.
Unfortunately, due to some miscommunications, the thing is now sitting in another friend's place.
Still in Sitiawan.

When I found out about that, I was like, "Kuso, kuso, kuso!" (Shit, shit, shit!).
Sedangkan I've already gone through the trouble of preparing all the stuff, it's stuck back here pulak.

Okay lah, I know that they didn't do it on purpose, but I'm still very disappointed lor.

So, anyone knows of a way to deliver a package to KL before the 12th of June?
Sans FedEx, please.
Express delivery is bloody expensive.
(Not to mention I've got to bundle the whole thing up in bubble wrap and box it - @_@!)

我不甘心, 不甘心, 不甘心~~~!!!

short update... i promise!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, May 27, 2010 8:57 PM


It's been 'bout two weeks of exams already so far.
Done all my Teras (Core) subjects and a few Sciences, next up are Add Maths, Chemistry and Physics.
I'm not counting Sivik and PJPK as subjects.
So, yeah.

Next week is my doom.
'Coz I really suck at the Sciences subjects.

Yet I'm in Science Stream.
You ask why?
I answer, "I pun tak tau!"


On a cheerful-ler note, I changed my blog layout!
(And blog name also, actually)

You like, you like, you like?
Spent so long transferring my widgets over.
OMG, my eyes hurt from staring at all the codings.

But I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
[emoemoii] has been long overdue for a makeover, anyway.

Tell me what you guys think of it leh!
(And tell me if you got any interesting widgets or other stuff I can add to my blog!)

Miss my C-Box?
Look up, "Leave A Footprint"!

the power of love...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, May 21, 2010 6:25 PM

Love is such a wonderful thing, don't you think?
It appears when you least expect it, grabs you when you try to run from it, and holds you where you are when you turn away from it.

There're so many types of love that exist - from the very basic sibling love to the passion between males and females.

It is one of the most raw emotions that a human can feel and it spurns us to do the most outrageous things.
Things that, under normal circumstances, we'd never ever even think of doing.

IMHO, love is one of God's greatest gift to us.
 The ability to love - and the need to be loved in return - is something that sets us apart from the rest of the living creatures.
Love is one of the most core senses that even a newborn is able to experience.

Love - and its expression - is something that has the remarkable ability to empower each and every one of us with a kind of fire that enables us to function.
Be it coming from a sister, a spouse, a BFF or a significant other, love is a glowing sensation that cheers us on through everyday life.

When you're loved, it feels like basking in sunshine.
You can go through mundane tasks - school, work, chores, exams - and still feel a vigor that was not there before.

Yes, it applies the same to all factions of love - even parental.


Maybe it seems unlikely to you because you'd be thinking, "Hey, I've lived with my parents for years and never felt the 'burst of sunshine' thing following me through my teeth-brushing routine!".

But (Ah ha!) there's a catch.
With love has to come the ability to express it.

You have to show the person(s) you love that you love them.
Else they wouldn't be able to 'feel' your love.
That much should be obvious, right?

So if you live with parents who're sticklers for rules and are forever uptight, you could be thinking, "They don't really love me,", but it could always be a case of them not showing their love.
Maybe they're not the type to be openly touchy-feely, or maybe they just don't know how.

Yeah, sure, I suppose many people would like to go for classes on "Love Expression 101", and not the type that's just for newlyweds about to go on their first honeymoon, either.

If people could just learn to love openly (And that means showing it!), things would be so much easier.

Maybe that family wouldn't always argue if they knew that deep down under all the shouting matches about financial problems was the idea of wanting everyone to get the best and live comfortable lives.
Maybe that couple wouldn't break up if they knew that behind the accusations of jealousy was an emotion of wanting to keep the other safe.
Maybe those divorcees would still be together if they knew that she cheated on him because he never showed her he loved her or even cared for her.

I don't live in a perfect world where everything's balloons and cotton candy, but hasn't everyone wished at least once before that such a universe existed?
A place where everyone didn't have social restrictions and emotional restraints, and were free to communicate with each other?
Oh, Eden.


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I was bored in BM tuition.
Very, very bored.

make a charm for mummy...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 9, 2010 2:43 PM

Okay, everyone.
It's Mother's Day today, so, you all know what to do, right?
Go do something for all your mummies lah!

So, here's my idea of something you can do to give to mummy dearest:
A clay charm.
(PS - Sorry for the awful quality pictures, had to use my handphone's camera)
I used some clay from Korea, which I bought from Popular ('Bout RM8 for this pack).
But basically, you can use any clay you want.
Just make sure it's paper-based and the air-drying type, because the type of clay artists use for pottery and stuff needs baking/special setting and drying techniques.
Paper-based, air-dry clay is just WAY easier.

I 'borrowed' these tools from my Dad, but most ordinary household stuff works, too.
Some examples are toothpicks to poke holes and blades to cut the clay.
(BTW, I only found out later on that these tools were from my Dad's schooling days - They were used for dissection in Biology. OMG!)

So, anyway, firstly decide what shape you'll be making.
Preferably, sketch out your design so that you'll have some guidelines to follow.
Don't do anything too complicated if it's your first time working with clay, because clay-shaping takes a bit of getting-used-to.

Here, I decided on 'MM'.

Cut out the clay with the blade/knife, just enough to roll out into an 'M'.
I shaped my 'M' by first making the clay into a square-shaped lump, then cutting out the curves of the 'M'.
(Tell me if you find an easier/neater way to shape letters!)

Do 2 'M's and a heart shape.
The heart was made starting with a square lump, too, then pinched into a heart.
(Sorry I couldn't get any pictures for this step - It's impossible to take photos with clay-covered fingers!)

When you've got all 3 shapes done, get some water and just dampen the areas where the shapes will be sticking to each other.
The clay will become sticky when it mixes with water, giving you glue-like surfaces to join the 3 shapes together.
If it still doesn't feel sturdy enough, use some UHU glue/Elephant glue on the joints to make sure they don't break apart.

Mine came out looking like this:

The hole in the corner is so that I can thread string or loops through to make a keychain/handphone charm.
Poke it with something thin and sharp, like a toothpick.

After you're satisfied with your creation, leave it to dry.
Depending on the size and thickness of the clay, it could take from a few hours to a day.
Should be quite fast, though.
Mine dried in only one night.

Oh, yes, don't forget to keep the rest of the clay in an airtight place.

I kept mine in a ziplock baggie, because common sense will tell you that if the clay can dry overnight, then exposing the leftover clay to air is a stupid idea, right?

So, anyway, by the next day it was dry already.
You can pretty much tell if it's dry by tapping it softly when you pick it up.
If it feels solid, then dry already lah!

A white charm would be SO boring.
So, paint it with some water-based paints.
I used Buncho Poster Colours, because that's the only thing I have.

Paint it however way you want, whatever colour you like.
Although, I'll tell you right now that pink and green DO NOT match.
Oops, my mistake in choosing those colours.

After the paint dries (Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes with poster colours), take your charm outside for a shellacking.
Shellac/varnish can be bought at hardware stores or DIY shops and come in spray cans.
Or you could just try transparent nail polish.
(PS - This layer of shiny coating is important; without it the colours will run off and the clay won't last long. Plus, it pretty-fies the charm. ^^)

Spray one layer on each side, waiting until it dries before you flip it over to do the other side.
Don't miss out the corners!
And don't hold the can too near the clay when you spray, or the coating will end up with air bubbles on it.
Spray it from about 30cm (A long ruler's length) away.

Wait (Again! =O) until the coating dries, then thread either a handphone charm string or even a keychain hoop through the hole.

Take it and give it to mummy, saying, "Thanks for everything, Ma. I love you,".

bloody lazy lah...

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I am in Form 5 this year.
I am taking my SPM exams in November this year.
I am in my final year of school this year.
I am also in the most important phase of my secondary schooling life this year.

I know I should study.
I know I should prepare myself.
I know I should stop being so playful.
I know I shouldn't be so involved with extracurricular activities anymore.

Yet, every time the opportunity to say "No, I must start psyching for SPM already," crops up, I can't muster the will to go through with it.

I keep having this mentality that "Aiya, tomorrow also can lah," and then go ahead and enjoy myself anyway.

Effing bad la!

No mojo/motivation to stop procrastinating at all.

At this rate, I think I'll be "Tomorrow"-ing until the day before SPM.

Plus, mid-year exams also coming up.


i've been served!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 2, 2010 1:03 PM

With a notice.

 No lah, not police saman me 'coz I didn't wear helmet or was speeding (Although that has happened before... X___x).

But it's an official letter from BB, telling me that I had ‘unsatisfactory attendance/participation’ and was ‘absent from Enrolment Service 2010’.
Thus giving me the choice to either 'remain in the NCO Council and promise to adhere to the expectations/fulfill the responsibilities of an NCO’ or 'relinquish my position as a Council member and remain an ordinary member of BB'.

Those words, almost exactly.

When I got it, I was like "WTH!" in my mind.
It has never occurred to me that I would one day receive this sort of letter from this organization that I have poured my heart and soul into.
As far as I remember, my attendance has been excellent for the 5 years I've been with the Company, with exception of a few 'absences because of unavoidable circumstances'.
And even then, I've always handed in explanation letters and supporting documents to prove my case.

Needless to say, I am now an accomplished letter-writer.
Very convincing.
Very bombastic.
Trust me on this.

Anyway, if you need tips on how to write prettily-worded official letters, you now know who to find lah, kan?

Back to my case.
Okay, I know that I've been unable to attend quite a few meetings lately, 'coz I've been mad busy with the debate competition and I've also been spending weekends checking out potential colleges.
I guess I've missed 'bout 4-5 weekly BB meetings.

Still, I've done all my jobs, completed all my responsibilities and have even tried to be as fully involved in every project/activity as possible, even though I couldn't make it to the actual event!

I taught Target class, as was required by all Senior NCOs.
I prepared all the stuff they needed for the recruitment of new members.
I even did a full multimedia project for the Enrolment Service that I supposedly 'absent' from.

Full multimedia project, okay?
Slides, backdrop, worship lists, even the presentations!
I spent loads of time working on those items before I went for my debate competition, to the extent that I was losing sleep and practice time just to complete the things I promised to do.

Not to brag or anything, and I don't even expect anything in return, but not even a word of thanks for the 'service' I've done all along.

Nope, not a single acknowledgement.
Oh, I serve for 5 years with commitment and nothing happens.
I skip a couple of meetings and *POOF* I get served with a notice.
Brilliant, just brilliant, that.

Yeah, I get it, I'm there to work for God, everything goes back to Him.
I get it.
I know it.
And yes, I thank Him that I'm able to join BB, because it's made me the person I am today.

A person of integrity and confidence.
Sometimes, I look back and I can really see how much I've grown.
I seriously used to be someone who lacked confidence.
I used to walk around with my eyes on the ground and head tilted downwards.
I didn't use to be able to get up in front of a huge group of people to talk.
I used to be insecure and unsure of myself.

And I still am, sometimes.
But so much has changed in me.
Now, I am a school debater and I have a group of wonderful friends.
The blazing anger of my prepubescent self has more or less melted away, to be replaced by something else - something much more promising.
All this, thanks to BB.

I joined it in Form 1.
Now I'm in my final year of Secondary School.
I'm still here.
A much different girl from the little weakling who was pushed to join BB so many years ago by overenthusiastic friends who eventually dropped out.

I am proud of my achievements to date.
Who wouldn't be?
I've been through a lot and experienced so much of adolescent life.
There's more things that I remember fondly of than memories of regret in my past.
I am proud of who I am now.
But is it too much to ask that someone else be proud of me, too?

I suppose I sound cocky.
But, hey, this is the girl who lived with years of insecurity haunting her.
I think I've come far lor.

I thank The Lord, I really do, for giving me these opportunities.
But some things I just can't help being bitter at.


Anyway, I've already replied the notice letter.
Obviously, I've chosen to stay on.
Can't expect anything else from me, right?

And I've tried my best to give my all for the Company.
I really have.
Things have changed, though.
Nothing is that straightforward anymore.

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