why do you blog blog bloggity blog?

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, September 24, 2010 3:14 PM

Last weekend I heard this guy say that people nowadays blog/tweet/Facebook because they all want attention.
There's some part of every human which always craves attention and wants others to take notice of them, hence they rely on means such as Twitter and Facebook to express themselves.
In fact, these social networking sites are so extremely popular in the world today that they're verbs in their own rights.
Like, "I'm Facebook-ing now" and "Tweeting from my handphone" are now acceptable English sentences, if only because everyone understands what they mean.

But, in my opinion, these websites are not all about attention garnering, right?
Blogging, for example, consists of a whole range of topics on which people from all around the globe expound upon.

The most popular type of blog is the personal blog.

These are blogs on which individuals post various information, be it on themselves, their lives or basically anything that comes to mind.
They are open-ended blogs, with no limitations as to what people can put up on them.
Of course, this means that they're the most widely used type, because of the freedom people have with them.

Then comes the service blogs.
These are blogs which offer services such as buying/selling items (Blogshops).
Obviously, these are mainly for money-making purposes, but there are some instances where these blogs are used to showcase an individual's talent/handiwork.
These blogs are also quite popular, as they make purchasing easier because the users only have to order and send out the payment to receive the items.

We also have the travelogs/foodies.

These are blogs/online diaries which focus on various places or food.
They introduce foreign spots or famous local delicacies to people around the world who will most probably never have the chance to personally visit those places.
In these blogs, photography is crucial as descriptive writing alone is not enough to attract readers.

Lastly, we have the showcase blogs.

These are blogs people set up to exhibit their artwork/photos/misc. items on the world wide web.
Think of it as a sort of art gallery, but with a bigger range.
Photobugs and models love these, as they're also a sort of portfolio one could refer to if considering to hire the writer.
But of course, they're not only limited to professional photographs taken with dSLRs or beautifully panoramic scenes of the Grand Canyon; they can be a gallery showcasing a rock collection or a photoblog made especially for someone's favourite pet cat.

On the web, the possibilities are endless.
People can be whomever they want to be, as long as they're hiding behind the perfectly practiced facade of a computer monitor.
True, in many instances people really are seeking attention when they use these facilities.
But surely there's more to that?

So, what do you blog/tweet/Facebook for?

Blogs were chosen for examples at random from blogging toplist sites.
In no particular order, of course.

oh yeah, i'm alive...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Tuesday, September 14, 2010 12:01 PM

Sorry for the almost week-long hiatus, I didn't have much time/mood/energy to update.

But, but, but, today is different!
Today I'm filled with so much leftover energy that I predict a day full of catching up on whatever I need to catch up on.
Know why?
'Cos I passed my driver's license test this morning!
And yes, on my first try, too.

So what does this tell us?
That I'm better at driving than I am at riding motor?
Or that when given a chance to sweet talk the JPJ officer personally, I've a much better chance of passing?

Being random, sorry.
Okay, moving on.

The past week has been busy like WHOA.
I've been going for driving practices, planning out the 2nd Manjung Company's 15th Anniversary dinner, rehearsing ACS's presentation for that night and catching up with all my friends who've come back from KL/Kedah.
Especially Sam, who came down up to Sitiawan from KL to join us for the company's anniversary celebration.
We had loads of fun with him around.

Oh, and I managed to spare time to go watch Resident Evil: Afterlife.
Which, by the way, is a very violent show.
Thank goodness we didn't watch it in 3D, else we'd all get heart attacks.

Still, that's gonna be the first and the last Resident Evil movie I'm ever watching.
Unless got someone going with me whom I can hug and squeeze when things start exploding on screen.
Any takers?

another day, another PARTAAAY...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Tuesday, September 7, 2010 1:30 AM

Just got back from Kelly's birthday party.
Was fun, but I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures.
Although, I'll wait for the rest of them (Who, smartly, brought their super canggih cams) to upload all those super DFA pictures onto Facebook lah.

Anyway, ugh, I don't like riding at night on my motor.
It's a lot of work, and if it's too late, it's scary.
Worse thing is when it rains.
Gods, can't wait till I finally get my P-license so I can legally drive.

So we had a barbecue at Kelly's place, with the whole gang of us 5S3 sakais.
On the plus side, there was loads of yummy food, and BBQs are always bound to be fun.
The bad thing about having open charcoal fires and inexperienced cooks, though, is the heat, the smoke and the burnt food experimentations.
But it was the first ever BBQ I've been to with hash browns and marshmallows offered to us to destroy over the fires.
Oooh, and and and, there was this big bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup, which was awesomeeeee.

So yeah, I had a pretty good time.

Now, though, my hair smells like charcoal smoke, even after washing.

And by the way, every time I think of the word 'party' now, I immediately associate it with my end-of-year Singapore trip.
Oh yes, I'm very likely going down to Singapore after my SPM, guys.
It'll be tots AWESOME.

Anyways, HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY to Kelly.
Wishing you many happy returns of the day and a bright future ahead.

the NAMEWEE controversy...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Wednesday, September 1, 2010 1:47 AM

Okay, who DOESN'T know Namewee, huh?
The mastermind behind YouTube hits like Negarakuku and Nah, Siti Inshah?
Come on, the dude's a national celebrity by now!
He's well known all over the Malaysian web and his name's even in print/on the news.
So, if you really haven't heard of him, you must be like, some really ulu person who lives in the middle of a jungle without TV or internet.

Anyway, he's facing the possibility of legal action being taken upon him for posting all those controversial videos, most of which take a direct hit at the Malaysian government.
The kerajaan dudes wanna stick him in jail for voicing out his opinions through video media.

I think it's all bullsh*t.
They can't sue someone for speaking their minds.
I totally don't agree with their pending decision as to whether or not Namewee should be brought to court.
All he did was express things as they are, and since we do have a law that protects the freedom of expression, I don't see why it's a big deal.
Unless, of course, that law (Like so many others) only applies to those who are 'bumiputera'.

It's not that I totally agree with Namewee's methods of expression.
I do have some issues with his extremely foul language and choice of words, which tend to make him seem a lot less serious than he could be when dealing with these sensitive topics.
I mean, if he were to be civil and talk with the flair of someone who knows his stuff, he'd sound a lot more convincing.
But of course, that way he'd have attracted less viewers and garnered less attention.
Everybody loves a scandal, innit?

But he's got the guts to say aloud and shout it to the world, the issues we're facing here in Malaysia.
Extremist he may be, but he's done what few people dare to do and gone that extra mile to make himself heard.
At least the things he say are true, right?

Freedom of speech and expression FTW, people.
It shouldn't be just a concept in the Perlembagaan Malaysia which we have to study pointlessly about in school.
As of many other Articles in there, too.

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