i know it's hard, but...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, June 5, 2009 3:17 PM

Went out to McD with some buddies today.
We went there super early and had to wait for a couple of hours just to get their McValue Lunch promotion.
Their bun toaster broke down - can you believe it??
And 'coz of that, we had to wait till 1pm for our breakfast/lunch.
Stupid right?
But when you've a lot of time to spare, waiting a couple of hours for a few bucks' discount is nothing.

Besides, when you go out with friends, there's bound to be a lot to talk about to while away the time, right?
We were prematurely awoken from our sleep by an impatient Kiaos, who, by the way, told us (The night before) that we'd be going there for LUNCH.
He called us (Us, by the way, is me and Houey) at 11-something-am.
11-something for lunch?

Which was how we ended up at McD half-awake, only to be told would we please wait till 1pm because they've to fix their broken toaster?
And so we sat there on the squishy seats, quietly minding our own business.
*Screams internally*

Anyway, we finally got our food 2 hours later, stuffed ourselves and went home.

Today Kiaos seems... depressed.
Or maybe tired.
Or maybe he's just withdrawn.
But whatever.

Dude, sometimes you can't keep harping on your own problems.
Maybe at this moment, they may seem like the world to you, but try to look at things on a wider scale.
I mean, yeah, sure you've got issues, but who doesn't?
You can't just go through your daily life thinking about them all the time!
The more you hold on, the bigger your problems will seem to get, and then one day it'll all overwhelm you.
You've gotta learn to laugh at yourself, keep optimistic even at the worst of times.
There's a silver lining behind every cloud.
Cliche, I know, but it's true.
Problems won't last forever.
Take 'em into your hands, do your best to solve 'em, then get on with your life.

You're only 16; if you act like you're 36, then before you know it, all your youth will have passed you by.
You shouldn't be so serious all the time.

LIVE your youth like there's no tomorrow.
LOVE and appreciate everyone around you - while you still can.
LAUGH your frickin' ass off every chance you get.

And even though I'm not really sure what your dad means by saying that you should admit you've got a problem, I still think you've gotta talk to someone and unload all the burdens you've been carrying around for such a long while.
People do care 'bout you.
Maybe some don't really.
As you said, there's a difference between Care and Just-Want-To-Know.
But seriously, there are some who truly do care.

Open yourself up.
Embrace your difference.


Cute clipart of the day.

Oh, and a great big

to Uncle Tan for taking us to McD today.
And who also reads my blog.

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kgtewpcc Says:

Just Back Redang and you should see how KIAOS enjoyed his life, LIVE,LOVE AND LOUGH. Don't worry about him, he is fine. He just want to live Life to the fullest so that he won't regret when he reach my age.

I really wish you all do have a fun,enjoyable school life which I had enjoyed before you all. Friendship,problems,blah blah is the thing you all will laugh to each other when you all are at my age.

When you stood still, the earth is moving, to remain still, techincally speaking, you need to move on at the same speed of the earth is moving. Can we all do that?? Yap, you can't notice when the earth is moving, you also unware you are going old each second. So, Move On. You all have the YOUTH which allowed you all to ask, question, making mistake, shout to the world, and I believe we all will accept it, At Least I WILL

[rin] Says:

wow... first comment from you, uncle... nice to know some people are reading my blog after all...

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