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It's been...
2 weeks?
Since my last post?

One week plus.
 Oh, that's not too bad.

But anyway, usually I do update a few times on weekends, so it's considered as quite a while since I posted.
Totally MY FAULT.
Yes, I know.
I was away at KL last weekend, but it was TOTALLY worth it!

(Refer to previous posts)

This time, to compete!
Uh huh, you heard me right, I was in a NATIONAL LEVEL DEBATE COMPETITION!
How cool is that?!

*Crickets chirp*

Okay, okay, so it may not be that cool to everyone, but it RAWKED to me, anyhow.

Anyways, to cut a really long story short, we won 2 rounds/lost 2 rounds = No Octofinals for D-ASH.
But still, met a lot of really cool people and I swear, you'd seriously be amazed at the level of friendships people can find when put together in desperate situations!

We met this Perlis gang whose sole guy was Deric (Check out his blog for a play-by-play account of our days at Peninsula Hotel/HELP University College, KL) and Houey's roommate.
The rest of the team (3 girls) stayed in the room next to me, Alia and another-Malay-girl-from-another-school-which-I-can't-remember-at-all.
(Sowwee. XP)

We had the luck to be on the same side (Opposition) for the first round, so naturally, we exchanged some notes.
(When I say exchange notes, I mean Chat-Our-Lips-Off, that type of notes. XP)

Aaaaaanyway, those 3 days saw us bonding with the four of them and getting to know many new people.
Won't ever forget those nights we spent labouring over our speeches, sprawled over the beds.

D-ASH and MACS - Uh huh, we both got names.

The full alliance.

*Roots around for more pictures*

Oooookays, the rest of the pics are still with Houey in his camera.

Never mind lah.

It was a truly GREAT experience for us, especially since we've never debated outside of Perak before.
Just seeing all those people there (90+ schools) made me think, "Wow, we were chosen to come and take part in this,".
Let me tell you, it felt awesome to be part of the 'elites'.

Anyway it's probably the last time I'll be involved in debating as a civilised sport.
(I love that - Civilised Sport)
I'll never stop debating, of course, it's in my blood.
But from now on, it's gonna be kept to teachers, my parents and, occasionally, friends.
Probs no more competitions for me.
So this was really enjoyable.

And I'll treasure it for a lifetime.
Stuff like this, ya don't forget.

The prizes.
(Too bad we didn't have a chance to snag any of those!)

D-ASH: 加油, 加油, 加油!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:42 PM

Decided to call the ACS Debate Team D-ASH instead of just DASH because it looks (And reads) cooler.

It's a day away from our national competition.
Yes, yes, only preliminary rounds, but very stressed already lah!
Teams from 90 over schools from all around Malaysia are gonna be there, and we're one of the 90.
Elite right, right, right?
Super happy that we even had an invitation and had this chance to wet our feet at nationals lor.

Anyways these few days leading up to the competition have been super busy and pressured.
Not only are we lacking time to prepare ourselves, but I also have BB Enrolment Service this Sunday!
Goes without saying that I can't attend it lah, but still got many things to do for the program.

Next time I shouldn't be sooooooooooo ready to offer my help/services out of the kindness of my heart liao.

These few days, because of the debate discussions, I've been losing my temper a lot.
Like literally, A LOT.
Because I always disagree with one of my teammates, so we constantly end up arguing.
But I also realise that while I am quick to flare up, I am also able to cool down just as quick.
That's a really huge improvement from my last-time super-jalapeño pepper-hot temper.

Maybe God put me in the debate team to teach me how to control my temper, huh?

Anyways, I've learnt to really appreciate help from people.
Like in debate right, after you've been harping on the same topic for 20 minutes, nothing else makes sense anymore.
So when outsiders come in (People whose two cents are sensibly intelligent lah, of course!) and give their opinions, it's like a fresh of breath air breath of fresh air.
(See? See?? Stressed my gray matter so much that it's like, overtaxed liao!)

So, thankyouthankyouthankyou Chuah and Wen Wei for being our fresh air today!
(Y'know, Wen Wei, you should seriously be in the team!!!)

Ooooooookay, I think that's enough of ranting for now.
Tomorrow afternoon gonna head off for KL with the gang and Mdm. Cheang.
Wish us all the best, kays?

wesley church camp @ penang...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:40 PM

Went to Penang for a church camp from 17th-19th April.
At first I really really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didn't wanna go.
But what to do?
Parents already registered (Without me even knowing), so bo bian liao.
Car broke down on the way there.
Dumb Pajero, just slowly started slowing down and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ died just outside Pantai Remis.
So pek chek la, okay?
Need wait for like, a whole hour in the blistering heat for a replacement car to come.

You guys know la, my super über short temper.
Hot + Bored = Steam la wei!
Okay, maybe that doesn't make sense.
But anyways.

Finally got a replacement Ranger from my dad's company and continued on our way.
Reached Copthorne Orchid Hotel juuuuuuuuuuuuuust in time for check-in.
I can't even remember if we even stopped for lunch, I was just super tired and angry at being dragged all the way there to spend three days sedangkan I've got so much work waiting for me at home.

But the following days weren't too bad la.
Actually, they were quite okay lo.
The speaker was interesting-er than past year speakers, so I could focus on him.
Learnt quite a few stuff from there, something I most definitely didn't expect.
So, overall, it wasn't a total waste of three days.

Anyways, many people said a lot of things to me at the camp.
Some of the most memorable:
"You know, God wants to see your sensitive, softer side. You don't have to be tough all the time,"
"So many problems? You should really talk to someone lor... It's better, you know?"
"You're lost... But you're turning back. It's not too late because He sees what you're doing, how you try,"
I guess there were others, just can't remember right now.

I guess I can just say that, yeah, I really am trying.
I'm taking their advice and just trying harder to change myself.
Not only the bad tempers, but also the tendency to go looking for trouble.
Just gonna keep trying to give all of that up.

Hey, you.
Thanks for listening, really.
Know that I you, right?
I do.

it's a dramatic world we live in...

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Life isn't fair; that's what they all say.
There's nothing any one of us can do about it, because that's just how things are.
If everyone lived fine and dandy lives, what would be the use of police forces and stuff like that?
I mean, a lot of people wouldn't have their jobs, right.

Life's unfair to balance the scales of the world.
But then again, I really hate it when stuff goes wrong and is unfair against my favour.
I guess everyone does, huh?
My getting unfair treatment would mean that someone somewhere in the world is getting his or her big break.

Or so says karma, anyway.

Personally, not believing in karma would be much easier.
At least we could be the sort of people who blames everyone but ourselves for stuff that happens.
Blame games feel good, at the very least.

Can't just grant me the award?
Is it so difficult?
Is it truly because I don't deserve it?
Then all these years, all the stuff that I've done, all also fake de lah, right?
All I ask for is a bit of recognition.
That also you people don't wanna give to me.
After all I've done, the hours I've slaved away, in the end it all adds up to nothing.
You're all hypocrites, all of you.

2010 debate workshop at HELP...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, April 11, 2010 1:42 PM

So, yesterday (10th April), me and my debate gang went down to KL for the Debaters and Adjudicators workshop organized by HELP University College.

We started our journey at 7.30am from school.
We arrived there at 11.30am.

Why so long, you ask?
Because we got lost, that's why!

We spent like, 1 hour going round and round because we kept missing turn-offs and misreading road signs.
The highways pulak so confusing, every turn leads you off somewhere completely different.

I tell you, I really salute KL-ites for their ability to wind their way through the road-mazes on a daily basis.
If it was me, I'd get so hopelessly lost to the point that I'd just sell my car and take the LRT instead.

I might be singing a different tune once I start studying in KL and get to know the place, though.
But till then, I'll be bringing my laptop along the next trip we make.

Which, by the way, is on the 24th of April.

We'll be going down on the evening of the 23rd, because the Eighth National English Debate Competition: Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Dr. Hajjah Saleha Debate Cup 2010 will start the next day.

Excuse me while I go scream my excitement.

*After 5 minutes*

Okay, I'm back.

So, a national level debate competition, huh?
I'm dead excited.
And dead nervous also lah!

Imagine meeting the best school teams from all over M'sia and having to hold my own on a stage in front of unknown adjudicators.
Like, whoa.

But we only have 2 weeks to prepare for the darn competition.
Scratch that.
It's actually only 'bout a week when you don't count in our schooling times.
*Starts clutching hair*
Where got enough time lor??!!

The prizes, however, are lucrative.
And I do mean LUCRATIVE.

HELP's offering scholarships/tuition fees waiver and other goodies for all teams who make it into Semifinals and beyond.
Think handphones, cameras and plaques.

I just wanna do my best for my final year.
Art colleges don't have inter-varsity debating competitions, so this might very well be my last year debating.

So, anyway, yesterday was an eye-opener.
It was really good to be in an environment where everyone was so focused on the same thing.
It was good, too, to have all our questions answered and our unsure-ities justified.

Not to mention that we went to Mid Valley after that.

Just gonna work our hardest and do our best for the upcoming competition.
C'mon DASH!

D, A and H of DASH.

impulsiveness VS stupidity

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, April 1, 2010 4:52 PM



 Everyone's done things at a moment's notice and regretted it later, right?
Like some idea you just got and just acted on it immediately without giving it much thought.
Maybe because it sounded like a good idea, or people were pressing you to makeadecisionmakeadecisionmakeadecision!, or you just couldn't be bothered to think it through.

Well, I did just that, yesterday.

See, 5S2 got a new English teacher because their original one has taken a 3-month no-pay leave.
The new teacher's a Form 6 graduate, waiting for university entrance.

My former classmates have been telling me all sorts of stories about how hopeless she is and how bad her English is.
So, I decided to enter her class for a one-period ('Bout 35 minutes) lesson yesterday.
I was curious as to how 'awful' the newbie teacher was.
Also, I wanted some part in hazing the newbie.

Mean of me, I know.
But I just can't stand teachers who teach certain subjects they're not even good at, just because there's a lack of anyone else to pick the class up.

So, anyway, I went in for the period after recess, while my own class (5S3) was having History.
At first, she didn't even notice me.
Then she started handing out worksheets for us to complete.
As she passed me mine, she squinted and asked, "Are you a student of this class?"
Of course I answered, "Yes,", because that was the truth.

Well, it was the technical truth, anyway.
I was a member of the class - earning my right to be in there in last year's examinations - until the Principal booted me down a class for dropping Accounts for SPM.
So, it wasn't a lie I told.
Logically speaking.
I was just answering her literally.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she asked me manymanymanymanymany times and I answered yes manymanymanymanymany times.
Even a few of my ex-classmates backed me up.
But at last, I had to leave.
She was too darned ruler-straight with nil sense of humour.

Then, she ratted out to the Principal and Penolong Kanan.
Little do-good-ing prick.

So, I've been expecting either a call to the school office or a berating from my parents if they're called up.
None so far, but I'm still on my toes.

I just HATE hypocritical do-gooders.
Dahlah bahasa kau macam apa je, memalukan.
Nak pura-pura baik pulak tuh.
Sudahlah kau!
((Ignore that.))

So, the verdict:
Was I stupid or impulsive?
Was the act one of purposeful hostility or mere curiosity gone overboard?

You tell me.
'Coz sometimes I feel scared shitless at the prospect of getting it from the Principal.
And other times I couldn't give a damn.

((Curse my semi-ADHD self who does stuff like this.))

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