starbucks supports earth hour...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, March 28, 2010 3:21 PM

As most of you already know, yesterday (27th March) Earth Hour was held from 8.30-9.30pm.

For those of you who don't know about this,

It's a super-promoted event and advertisements are EVERYWHERE.

Some people are even taking advantage of this Earth Hour thingy to cash in on big bucks.
For example:

Can see?
Free 12oz of coffee when you buy a tumbler le.
I wonder how much is the tumbler.
Probably enough to buy TWO Grande-sized Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas, huh?

Speaking of Starbucks right, have you ever tasted it?
If yes, LUCKY lah you.
If no, I can't blame you.
Like, who charges RM15 for a mug of coffee?

Yes, it is good coffee.
Yes, it tastes amazing.
Yes, they have all sorts of varieties.
And yes, the coffee beans are imported from all over the world.

I live for 17 years (Okay, 16+ years lah) also just drank it ONCE nya.

But believe me when I say it was the best coffee I've ever tasted.

Anyways, as I was saying, Starbucks was having this promo and I wanted to check it out.
I was in KL yesterday; in Mid Valley at Earth Hour.
And WTH!
Couldn't find a single Starbucks shop in the whole damn place!

All I could see was Coffee Beans, left, right and all around.

Suan le.
Coffee only ma.


This took me forever to finish:
Supposedly, it's the Goddess of Technology.
And no, it's not Athena.
How's it look?

m'sian government doing things for right reasons?

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, March 20, 2010 3:09 PM

You know how the country's always having big big events to "chart its name on the international board"?
Like organizing gigantic book fairs to "top the Guinness World Records" or building spectacular structures so that "the world will be in awe of us"?

I've come to realize that Malaysia does a lot of those stuffs and frankly speaking, all the 'excuses' sound like bogus to me.

Everything the government does is apparently to let the other nations know that we're a force to be reckoned with.
That we're no third-world country.
That we're going up in the world and are formidable opponents economically/politically/socially.

It all sounds like, as I said, bogus.
Rubbishy nonsense.
Take your pick on adjectives.

Why can't we just do things for the sake of truly wanting advancement for ourselves?
Organize a book fair so that people can have access to books from all around the world at low prices, instead of just to get the country's name into the world records?
Because that's what was stressed so much upon when I heard the event on the news.

Oh, sure, the Deputy Prime Minister had a nicely written speech.
It was awe-inspiring, crowd-capturing, attention-grabbing - sure.
It was also all about the heights the country will achieve after launching this event, how our country will be listed as one of those which had a record-breaking act, bla, bla, bla...
Get the drift?

I didn't hear a thing about what we, the people, gained from having this event.
Nothing about books or education or knowledge or whatever.
As if we would gain a lot by having our country's name listed down as having organized one of the biggest book fairs ever.
As if we would go overseas and be pointed at on the streets and have people whisper, "Hey, that guy/girl is from the country-that-organized-the-world's-biggest-book-fair! Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!"

But I digress.

You see, a country exists for its people and not the other way around.
Malaysia is represented by its people, its warganegara, its 人民.
We are Malaysia.

What better way to show the country off to the world than to ensure that its countrymen are world-class people?
Because beneath all those 'achievements' the government works for, there're still multitudes of problems.
Racial disharmony, oppression, crimes - they're the stark truths that do exist.

The government wants the country to go up in the world?
Hard to do - since we're giving up the English language, too.

hey, homeboys...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, March 18, 2010 8:44 PM

My 'original' homeboys are back from Indon!

(Not a latest photo... XP)

Welcome back, guys.
Missed ya'll soooooooooo much.

Praying for you all the way, so stay safe until you get back to Sitiawan, okay?

hamster madness!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Monday, March 15, 2010 3:16 PM

 This is Rhino.
He lives in a plastic ball.
He only comes out once in a while...
To save the world.

Know him?
Know him?

He's the hamster from Bolt!

And he's successfully made me go into hamster-madness mode.

I went to a pet store that day and saw that hamster ball, which made me think of Rhino.
So now I'm obsessed liao!

Only thing was, I didn't have enough money on me that day to spend on a hamster/cage/food/wood shavings.
Also, I don't think my house has a place where I can put a hammie.
And I haven't even thought about how expensive it's gonna be, either.

I think it was lucky I didn't have money on me that day.

But how can anyone possibly say "No" to that cute lil' thing??

Suspect I am on the verge of another borderline ADHD breakdown.

we won!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, March 13, 2010 6:34 PM

Okay, not exactly 'won' won, but 'second place' won.
But is still considered winning, right?
Only lost to SMJK Nan Hwa, which was expected, anyway.

Awesome, right?!
ACS has never sent out a volleyball team before (Or else it's been veeeeeeeeeeery long since one has been sent to compete!) and our first year going, we get second place!
Awesome lor!

Even though I didn't play much, because, honestly, if I did play in every match, we probably wouldn't win (It's my first year playing, after all...), but hey, winning sports competitions is a team effort and the feeling of achievement is sweet.

Whether or not we'll be getting trophies/medals/etc., is a different matter, though.
I heard that the Under-18 guys' competition only had pencils as the first prize.
Amazing lah.
Train mad hard to win a pencil each.
The hosting school is either reeeeeeeeeeeally kiam siap (Stingy), or they're in dire need of funds.

But anyway, who cares?
We get the co-curricular marks, have tasted success and also set the precedent for next year.
What could be better?
(The honest answer for that would be "A lot of stuff", but I think you get my point...)

I'm still gonna continue training and try to improve myself at this game, if only for the sake of my pig-headed attitude of never-give-up-ness.
Also, I'll be able to keep fit and have an excuse to exercise regularly.

"And we're proud we're students of the A.C.S."

[ACS V-ball Team, No. 12 & Off-Court Captain signing out]

tertiary education... is so damn EXPENSIVE lor!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, March 11, 2010 4:25 PM

I'm 17.
I'm in Form 5.
I will be taking SPM at the end of 2010.
Now, does anyone know where I'm going with this?
If you read the title of this post, you should.
As I'm most certainly going to continue studying after SPM, and am very adamant on not taking Form 6, the only option left is...
And so, with a challenging quest in hand, the damsel-turned-knight began her journey to search for the best institution in the kingdom which would teach her the Secret Arts.
She started by switching on her computer.

So I had a few places in mind, namely:
  • The One Academy
  • Malaysian Institute of Arts
  • University Tunku Abdul Rahman
 Actually, all I did was type the names into the search box and voila results!
What I wanna do is something along the lines of Graphic Designing, preferably a degree straightaway.
MIA offering quite interesting courses leh!

But then hor...
The fees are like...
RM30,000 for diploma course.
Diploma only leh!
So mad E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E liao then degree how?

I think I just go and be penyapu jalan (Road sweeper) can liao la, no need study liao.
Cannot afford how to study lor??

how to make me happy today...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, March 5, 2010 2:44 PM

Well, let's see.
As the author is not in a brilliant mood, she shall tell ya'll a few ways ya'll can make her happy today.

  1. Sponsor her Under-18 Volleyball Team - They need money ('Bout RM468.00) for jerseys, competition's on the 12th!
  2. Produce a miracle cure for her bum foot - Which was dislocated 3 weeks ago; now it cannot be used to perform any vigorous sports yet.
  3. Start praying that her drill team (And sports house!) will do okay for the perbarisan tomorrow - It's the 77th Sports Day of her school.
  4. Suggest a way for her to cool down - Have ya'll looked out the window lately? It's friggin' blistering!
  5. Tell her a place where she can purchase blank T-shirts - Budget's 'bout RM10; she needs 12 shirts.
  6. Give her a (Very well-deserved... *Innocent grin*) massage.

Any takers?

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