P.S. I Love You

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Okay, so maybe I'm a little late in reading this book.
It came out in 2004...
Okay, okay, very late.
But I haven't managed to get my hands on a copy 'till now.
I 'discovered' it in my school library.
Never even knew the library had a copy.

This Cecelia Ahern's bestseller (Aren't they all) has been on the top-10 list at Kinokuniya for months!
It's been there a really really long while, and I think it's still there.
Check it every Sunday in The Star newspapers.

So what's so great about this book?
It's been made into a feature film and everything.
Well, I haven't watched the film, but the book is rather...
I'd been expecting something really impressive from such a popular book.
It was quite a letdown, actually, as the book was kinda sorta just-a normal.
Cliched, in fact.

P.S. I Love You is about a woman whose husband had just passed away.
Holly imagines her life to be over after Gerry dies from cancer.
They had been best friends and lovers, and Holly never imagined it all to end so soon.
She drifts through everyday aimlessly until her mother rings her up one day to tell her that there's a package with Holly's name on waiting for her at the family home.
The package turns out to be 'A List' left behind by Gerry.
Opening it, she finds envelopes in which Gerry wrote short messages to help Holly get back on track in her life.
The story then continues by telling the reader about Holly's falling in and out of depression as she opens an envelope each month.
Holly cries, kicks herself for crying and brightens up before something sets her off crying again.

And basically, this is what she does throughout the whole book.

It gets annoying sometimes, especially when she's moping at all the wrong times!
(No spoiler, read the book yourself!)

All in all, it's just an ordinary love story (To me) which took me two days to read through.
Don't get what all the craze is about...
Maybe I should watch the movie, eh?

You make your own conclusion about the book.
Grab one and have a read yourself.


For my homeboy Houey:

I promised your Mum I'd do it for E.B...
Have fun and contact me after you've had a look.


Cute clipart of the day...
Poor bearbear.


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Peace out~

梦想成真... ^^

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I finally have a L-license and a motor jor...
Honda Wave100...
Not impressive, but hey, better than that old junk of a bicycle I have~!

Anyways, nothing much to blog about.
Can't think of anything.
Too lazy.


happy birthday to me...

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As you may (or may not) know, yesterday (16th July 2009) was my 16th birthday.


So, anyway, it was also the final day of Selaras 3 tests; didn't have much time to celebrate either, 'coz of Physics tuition.
But anyway, went to Secret Recipe with my family after tuition.

(Me - Looking like an idiot... =.=)

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your wishes and presents.

P.S. |oupo! |ui|ui! Where's my prezzie?! Rawr~!


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Was a horrible day.
Freakin' day.
For once in my life, I agree with Alan~!
It's been torturous, not to mention frustrating and tiring.

(Not to offend anyone, 'coz I'm just venting)

BB is so 'fan' right now!


So much to vent, but say anymore and I'll be in deep s**t.

frustrating day...

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Today was a really frustrating day, man.
After I work my a$$ off to finish the AGM minutes for Alex, today all come 'shoot' me that there's a lot of errors in it.
And no, not information errors or even spelling mistakes, but errors in the format.
Just 'coz I took the liberty to add some extra sentences that I really think should belong in there.
And I missed one little space for the Teacher In Charge to sign.
Okay, that one I admit is a mistake, but the rest of it I think is just okay, right?
And just 'coz of some small mistakes then want me to redo whole stack and collect back all those I've already distributed.
There's 37 copies in circulation out there!
To reprint all those would be such a waste of money, especially if it's just a minor detail.
I didn't even go for the AGM.
I'm just typing it on behalf of Alex~!

Barn Buddy keeps hanging and "error"-ing on me.
My internet connection keeps lagging 'coz of that stupid applic!
My RC pulak didn't save properly my last game; now all workers exhausted until KO there edi.
Something really wrong with FB!

Internet so so so so so slow~!

perak state english debate competition 2009...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, July 4, 2009 7:36 PM

Just back from the above-mentioned event.
We lost.
In the preliminary rounds.
What The *Toot*~!

Wasted weeks of preparation and skipping class to lose by ONE MARK to Kuala Kangsar!
Totally disappointed.
Didn't expect to get kicked out so frickin' early!

But anyway I was Best Debater la.
But then, nothing to get also de.
No trophies or anything.
Just a certificate for all of us, without our names on.
And we'll have to print our names ourselves.
Cheap-o PPD.

Oh, a Convent school won state finals, by the way.
Can't remember which district.
Nobody likes those girls, though.

Tomorrow will be going to Ipoh yet again.
BB Carnival 2009.
Will be spending the night polishing dy.

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