i has a new toy!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, July 31, 2010 8:53 PM

And it's something I've wanted for, like, EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet:

My new Kingmax external hard drive!

Have a lot of things in your computer which are important?
Tired of your laptop lagging because of hard drive overload?
Need to carry large files around which can't fit into thumbdrives?

Well, worry no more because Technology has given us the amazing invention called the External Hard Drive!

It's small, it's sturdy, it's portable and most importantly, it has a huge capacity.
(Oh, it's shiny, too!)

Yes, ladies and gents, this Kingmax baby has 640GB worth of space, which is double of most laptops and desktops (320GB).
It comes with its own pouch:

It's only 2.5 inches, and fits into my palm.

Anyways, am happy that I finally got this.
I've been needing it for a loooooong while, on account of my laptop slowly getting overflowed with my miscellaneous folders and art pieces.
So, weeeeee~

On another, equally happy note:
My Vampire Diaries series has finally finished its very, very, very long download.
22 episodes took my stupid supposed-to-be-54Mbps-Streamyx-connection-but-is-much-much-slower line 3 days plus plus to complete.

But still, it came out clear and HDTV quality.
So, yay~!

Can't wait to start watching, because the show is NICE weh!
No sparkly vampires, no emo, sadistic main actress, and no Robert Pattinson.
This should be a bomb.


this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, July 23, 2010 3:12 PM

We've all heard of terms like 'dumb blonde', 'preppy snob', 'drama queen/king', 'emo goth' and so on.
The world is full of stereotypes; classes in which everyone places everyone else in so that each and every person can be defined by a specific adjective.

But how true are names like these?
How really dumb are blondes, or pretty girls?
How really stuck up or snobbish are rich kids?
How really show-offy are school jocks?

People always say that stereotyping is bad and that everyone shouldn't be doing it.
But what if there really is some truth in those names we call others?

Here's my theory:
How people turn out to be depends a lot on the environment they've grown up in, their backgrounds, their personal values and the characters.

Let me give you some examples.

You call that pretty girl dumb, because she may have the looks, but is still stuck at the bottom of the class.
Well, she probably has never had to use her brains, because her looks already get her everything she wants and needs.
Her charm and beguiling nature is dominant, therefore giving her no reason to develop her other skills.
After all, why work hard when others can work for you?

Rich kids.
Snobby, stuck up, cocky and all those stuff.
But they've been provided for all their lives by their money-loaded parents.
Whatever materialistic items, they have and their needs fulfilled by the house's maids and servants.
They never had reason to take care or even watch out for themselves, so why start in school?
They've been pampered and cuddled and well-provided-for; naturally, they feel at ease and proud of themselves because they have nothing to worry about.

The same goes for jocks and athletes.
They've got the talents, so it's only human nature to want to show off, isn't it?

Nerds, dorks and bookworms are antisocial because they're never given a chance to shine.
Their domain lies in the academics, so they stick to their comfort zones.

Stereotypes don't necessarily fit everyone, and a lot of people don't like them, either.
I'm not saying that everyone should be moulded and conformed to fit society's expectations of them; I'm just saying there is some realism in the class (If any) that society has deemed you to be a part of.

i really should be studying...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, July 18, 2010 7:57 PM

Yet I have been either going out, lepak-ing all over town or sitting at home reading my Galaxie magazine.
Sedangkan my tests start on Tuesday.
WTF max.

By the way right, why do so many Chinese artistes/actors/actresses have ridiculous names?
I mean, I was just browsing through Galaxie and came across the name Real Ting.
He's Miriam Yeung's hubby and is rumoured to be joining Miriam on stage at her next concert.

His name cracked me up, so I decided to Google him to see what he looked like.
The verdict?

Oh, there's nothing 'fake' about him, all right.

So what's with Chinese artists' penchant to choose totally ridonkculous names?

For example, Fish Leong.
Do you see any resemblance of her to a marine animal?
(Is that even correct grammar??)
Well, maybe her slightly-puffy eyes...

But still.
Why Fish, of all the nouns the English language offers?
Why not Shark or Eel or Dolphin, then?
Dolphin Leong, hmm...
I'm not insulting her lah; don't sue me.
But c'mon... 

Or a certain Vinx Lin.
The name reminded me of yet another animal:
Ladies and gents, meet the mink.
It's one of the cousins of the otter and the weasel, for your information.

Meet also the minx:
Which is a pert, impudent or flirtatious young woman.
Okay, guys, you can stop drooling now!

So I was thinking, "Vinx Lin is definitely a girl..."
Not a girl.
A (Pretty hot) guy.
Who, unfortunately for him, has a very, very odd name.

And, of course, our very own Malaysian stars:
Henley Hii and Orange Tan.


Please can you people find better names to call yourselves?

I really respect you guys for making it big in the entertainment industry, which definitely mustn't have been easy.
But gosh, your names really are farh-neee!

I mean, you guys are all great artistes/actors/actresses in your own rights, I have nothing against you.
Just your names, y'know?
If you're gonna wanna be famous and internationally known and stuff, at least choose English names that are memorable because they reflect you and suit you, not memorable because they seem to be random syllables or nouns picked from the dictionary.

But of course, it all boils down to personal taste.

Anyways, who am I to speak?
My name doesn't even suit me to begin with.

Like, seriously?
(Okay, this picture's from a couple of yearsssss ago and I look like a freak. No comments! =.=|||)

Jym Chong??
I rest my case.

happy birthday...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, July 16, 2010 3:40 PM

... To ME!

Yes, people:


Having my 17th birthday has a lot of perks, seriously.
But most importantly, I can get my driver's license soon!

Tomorrow morning will be going for Pra-L at the driving school already.

Also, a lot of people have been wishing me through SMS or Facebook and I've just finished thanking every one of them.

Another best part, PRESENTS!

These two were given by JiaJia and CSW/Houey.
Curious what's inside?
Hehe, let me show you...

This is from CSW and Houey.
Apparently Houey bought the alligator while CSW made the card.

I tell you lah, the card damn cute weh!

Full of crayon drawings, like kindergarten kid's project nya.
CSW's 17 too, by the way.

But his card was really sweet, so thanks and XOXO!

Then I opened the boxed gift.
Susah nak buka man, it had TWO layers of paper and a whole ball of cellophane tape wrapped around it.

Aaaaaand inside was...

A candy jar full of candies!
Way to go, JiaJia!
Thanks for satisfying the little kid in me.

Anyways, it's not everyday I turn 17, so...
*Dances around*

Oh yeah, *cough*|oupo and |ui|ui still owe me presents*cough*.

I didn't get chosen for PLKN.
Is that one of the bestest birthday presents or what?


this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, July 15, 2010 3:59 PM

The results of the My Success, My Dreams Creative Blogging Contest organized by Sunway University College are out!

Guess what?
I'm one of the shortlisted Top 10 Stories!
*Insert excited squeal of choice here*

So, know what to do lah, you guys?
My Success, My Dreams

If I win...
Promise to update my blog more often?


this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, July 11, 2010 4:43 PM

The girl who cuts and puts up those pictures on Facebook;
Who throws the word 'depressed' around like it's any other normal word like 'happy' or 'sad';
And who seems to take it all as a fun, attention-garnering social game.


Depression is none of the above!
  1. People who cut do so in private, not all over the internet. They do so not to purposely seek attention, but because they do not get enough attention. They do it for release, not as a publicity stunt.
  2. Depression is a serious clinical/medical problem. It needs treatment and medication and an overlook by professionals. Depressed people would not have the time or mood to post all sorts of photos of themselves being 'depressed' on the internet. And photos of depressed people would most certainly not be in the same area as photos of themselves DFA-ing on their cameras with their new clothes, new boyfriends, latest holidays and all that shiz.
  3. Depression is not fun. It is not something you can take so lightly. It does not happen just because a friend dislikes you, or whatever. And it is most definitely a very inappropriate attention-seeking tool.

With a couple of photos of your arms all bloody, full of carved out words on them, all in a file labeled 'Depression' in Facebook.
Except, looking at the rest of your photo files, you're smiling and laughing and posing and kissing and hugging.


Even in the hospital getting treatment, you take photos.
Don't you ever get a life away from your camera?

Depression doesn't just go away.
It's not a switch that can be turned ON and OFF at will.
It doesn't cure itself over the span of a few days and then you're back to publicly snogging your boyfriend like nothing ever happened.


No real person with clinical depression would ever think of posting pictures of themselves with their limbs all cut up on Facebook.
They stem the blood with cotton pads;
They wrap the wounds with Band-Aids;
They wear long-sleeved shirts to cover the scars.
They don't show the world they're abnormal, because all they ever want is to lead ordinary lives and fit in with society.

It seems to me that you're just doing all of that for a bit of drama.
So that people can comment on the photos, going, "don't do this, it's not worth it. don't care about the rest of the world and what they think! ♥♥ you, no matter who doesn't!".
So that when people demand to know what happened, you can go, ":(  i hurt myself..."


Stephenie Meyer got something right in her New Moon book: The effects of depression.
She accurately describes the loss of spirit, the mental blankness, the gaping holes.
However, the part where Bella Swan can perform like a normal student/child just a week after the impact is just BULLSHIT.
You wouldn't go back to being a brilliant student.
You wouldn't be able to sail through days with a smile (However forced it may be) on your face.
You wouldn't even be able to think so clearly about what's happening to you and analyze your 'dead'-ness.

Depression is like having something eat at you from inside out.
It isn't something to be taken so lightly of.
It is a serious matter, with seriously dire consequences.

Girl, this isn't a game.
Grow up, please.

on a winning streak...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, July 9, 2010 10:58 AM

Guess I must be oozing good luck nowadays, huh?
Or maybe Daddy is giving me some chances to show my talents?

'Coz I received yet another courier package.
This time, from PJ College of Art and Design (PJCAD), for entering their art competition some time ago.
I didn't exactly win win, but got consolation prize.

The package didn't have much useful stuff, mostly they're just novelties like rolled-up leather clock thingy and loads of PJCAD brochures.
Oh, and a HUGE bag.
Like one of those eco-friendly shopping bags, but WAYYYY wider.
Wonder what am I gonna do with it?

And right, and right, one of my blog posts was shortlisted as one contest's Top 10!
I can't tell you which contest, but look back a couple of posts and you'll see what I mean.
*Wink wink*

If I can win that, it'll be seriously AWESOME!

Hmm, maybe after this I'll enter Nuffnang's LG Cookie Monster Party?
Maybe can win an LG Cookie.


Anyway, on a more somber note, today was report card day at school.

I got to come back from school early, but my results are with Mum.
Wonder what I'll 'receive' from my parents tonight?

i got myself some KE$HA...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, July 2, 2010 6:22 PM

So, I was away from home for a couple of days.
Went to a "Science Camp" thingy at Seri Iskandar, organized by JPN or something.
Let's just say that even my junior NCOs at BB can do a better job at camps.

Anyway I came home today and there was a surprise waiting for me in my room!

Did I ever mention I love surprises?

Anyways, usually my room is really, really messy.
I mean, seriously messy.
Like, everything's all over the place.

But I definitely know when anything's changed or moved or even when someone's been to sweep the floor.
So, when I came home from the camp today, I found...

Express package delivery!

Normally I get stuff by Pos Laju or Pos Expres, so something coming from City-Link is really unusual.
At first, I thought someone put it on my table then forgot to take it.
Then, I turned it over...

And my eyes almost popped out!

I joined the contest by Galaxie almost a month ago, never expecting to even win anything.
But hey, Grand Prize weh!

So, you wanna know what's inside?

An original Animal by Ke$ha CD from Sony BMG.

A tank top that I can never wear - not while I'm still living under this roof, anyway - because of what it says.
The tagline doesn't make much sense, but it looks okay, overall.
Unfortunately it's got "F***ING" in it, so my parents probably won't be too happy 'bout me wearing it around here.

Jealous much?

Anyway, happy!
Never expected to actually win, because I hardly ever win contests.
But still, free stuff!

Ah, feels good to be home.

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