frustrating day...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, July 10, 2009 4:10 PM

Today was a really frustrating day, man.
After I work my a$$ off to finish the AGM minutes for Alex, today all come 'shoot' me that there's a lot of errors in it.
And no, not information errors or even spelling mistakes, but errors in the format.
Just 'coz I took the liberty to add some extra sentences that I really think should belong in there.
And I missed one little space for the Teacher In Charge to sign.
Okay, that one I admit is a mistake, but the rest of it I think is just okay, right?
And just 'coz of some small mistakes then want me to redo whole stack and collect back all those I've already distributed.
There's 37 copies in circulation out there!
To reprint all those would be such a waste of money, especially if it's just a minor detail.
I didn't even go for the AGM.
I'm just typing it on behalf of Alex~!

Barn Buddy keeps hanging and "error"-ing on me.
My internet connection keeps lagging 'coz of that stupid applic!
My RC pulak didn't save properly my last game; now all workers exhausted until KO there edi.
Something really wrong with FB!

Internet so so so so so slow~!

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