my kl chronicles...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, August 14, 2009 1:38 PM

Just came back from KL last Sunday.
Went there with my family for... Fun!

But turned out it wasn't really much fun, 'coz didn't go anywhere interesting.
Kinda wasted 4 hours sitting in the car, go all the way to KL.

Anyways, I got some pictures.
Taken with my K530i, so probably not really good quality.
But, hey, at least they're small and upload fast!

First meal at KL - Satay Kajang~!
The satays are huge.
And I do mean HUGE!

Check them out!
They're each about the size of a pair of adult thumbs.
Do you wonder why we only ate satay for lunch and nothing else?

Then, we went to a new mall, Aeon (AU2).
Where I saw this damn chun pair of Nikes...

Which costs RM216.
Totally out of my range.
Oh well, guess I'll have to look for a new pair of shoes closer to home, then.

That night's dinner at Ampang Point.
NZ Teriyaki Beef Rice.
Wasn't too bad.
Oh, and that reddish sushi at the top of the picture?
It's my fave kind - baby octopus.

Spent the night at my uncle's house at Ukay Perdana.
Nice, posh place.
After breakfast with my aunt & uncle the next morning, we headed to Sunway Pyramid.

No, I didn't go ice-skating.
Didn't have the time.
Which was too bad because I really miss it...
Well, did some shopping there for |oupo and |ui|ui, anyway.
Just 'coz I promised them.
Lucky girls.

Then, went to Ikea.
Where I saw this cute lil' car...


The view inside Ikea.
It's full of floor-to-ceiling shelves with all sorts of furniture.
You can find literally everything there!
But too bad I'm not one to be interested in couches and light fixtures.

Before heading home, I stopped by Borders in The Curve (Just opposite Ikea... ^^) and managed to pujuk Dad to buy the whole Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan.
I so so so so so LOVE the books~!

The first book.
Nice cover, eh?

Then we came home to boring lil' ole Sitiawan.

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