of corruption and the MALAYsian government...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Monday, August 24, 2009 4:33 PM

In Primary- and Secondary-level History (Sejarah), we're taught that 'orang Melayu merupakan pengasas dan penghuni pertama di Tanah Melayu' (Malays are the founders of Malaya).
On the tertiary level (Colleges and universities), Malaysian Studies teaches the students that the Malays are the first residents of this land and that they were the ones who discovered this land, too.

For this 'reason', this piece of earth we live on is called MALAYsia and the government's many constitutions and laws are made by Malays, for Malays.
They call themselves the 'fathers of this country' and therefore have privileges and rights that other races do not have.
They labeled the true bumiputeras of this country (The orang aslis - Iban, Kadazan, etc.) as peribumis.

Yes, you read correctly.
The true first residents of this land are not the Malays, but the orang aslis.
Researches have been conducted and this is what the results show - The Malays are pendatang asing (Foreigners) too.
Just the same as we Chinese and Indians and the many other races which inhabit this country and call it our motherland.
The Malays have the same status as anyone else!
The only difference is that they came a little bit earlier and thus claimed this land as theirs, taking over everything and stripping the true bumiputeras of their rights as founders and local residents.

Yes, of course the Dayaks and Kadazandusuns still have some rights as 'peribumi's, but not as much as they deserve to have as the true locals of this country!
And many of them have never even been given the chance to improve themselves and their society's way of life.
Is the government afraid they might rise up and finally claim back what is rightfully theirs - this piece of land they and their ancestors grew up in?

The laws of this country is also awfully lopsided to the Malays.
For example, the constitution forbids a person of any other race other than Melayu to take the topmost positions in the government such as Agung, Sultan and Perdana Menteri.
All I can say is - Let someone from another race take over and see wonders happening!
I mean, just look at our neighbour, Singapore.
It was doing okay when it was under Malaysian reign, but it wasn't 'till it got independant and under Lee Kuan Yew's leading did it really flourish and then become what it is today.

And what's this about Malays not being able to change their religion?
What happened to Malaysia being a free country?
Everyone should have a right to choose what they want to believe in.
Dear government, afraid that you'll have no more Islams left if you allow everyone to have that choice?
Again, perhaps.

All those leaders think they're oh-so-great, but the truth is, the Malaysian government is rife with corruption and negative influnces.
Money-leeching is obvious even in the most insignificant of kerajaan dealings; motoring license application, for example.
One who does not give the Majlis Perbandarans their duit kopi (Bribe money) would be forced to take the test many, many times.
But that usually only applies to non-Malays.
(Un)Surprisingly, the Malays usually pass on their first try...

I'm not saying that all Malays are cr4p.
Only the ones who're up there are.

Niways, what can we do 'bout this?
Move out once we get qualifications?

I mentioned a BIG thing in my previous post.
Well, it was gonna be about Praise&Prayer Nite, but I don't have photos so not really nice edi.
Anyway I substitute with this.

9 Response to "of corruption and the MALAYsian government..."

Uncle_jack Says:

dont read malaysia sejarah...is fake all ...all have been modify and change .....malasai jiak sai.......talk about malaysia gov make me want boom the gov

jecsz Says:

malaysia gov pui kou shui....1 malaysia =çŽİmalaysia.....haiz....till 2020 i bet malaysia will not improve cuz of sh!t gov

[rin] Says:

well... what can i say...
we dao mei born here nya...

uncle_jack Says:

hahahahaaha but now day all not like sejarah......

[rin] Says:

sejarah just islam studies... stusy for what la... no use also...

Ian Says:

....you study so that you know how stupid the gov is...haha..nice post XD

unclw_jack Says:

heheehehehehehe...i won't poison the young mind
got many thing happen b4 we born to this world...history can be trust 100%
simple question...how we can prove history happen is 100% real?got time machine meh...think deja vu ar??

[rin] Says:

lol... see writing on the gua de wall... xD

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