singapore's only male bitch?

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3:22 PM

I must've missed something when the earth turned yet another revolution.
Or was I fast asleep?

Since when did the word 'bitch' go from being a derogatory term to a word someone can be proud to call themselves?

Singapore's one and only Fauzi Rassull, the self-proclaimed male bitch of his country.

Not only is he giving himself a tag that even I would be pissed off at being called, but he also manages to look true to the effeminate adjective.
Do I hear a catcall?
Ooh la la~

Oh yes, and of course, the all-famous brunette-Asian-turned-blonde-angmoh definitely deserves a mention:

It's our very own Lady Xiaxue!
Now, while I admire her blogging skills and her rise to fame, I still can't get why she went and bleached her roots.
Not to mention filming the latest Guide To Life video on Kissing A Girl in which she snogged her best girlfriend (And managed to look pretty turned on while doing it!).

My point is, there's very little people won't do just to get their 5 minutes (Or lifetime - depends) of fame.
Anything is possible nowadays and everyone is desperate to get a taste of the high life.


See this pretty gal?
She's Wendy Cheng.
A.K.A. Singapore's very own Paris Hilton, Xiaxue.
This was before she bleached her hair blonde and began to look like this:

If I could just give her a good shake...

You were gorgeous to begin with.
D'you even know how many people would kill to look like you?
Yet you're unsatisfied and just had to change the colour of your hair.
Not only does it make you look pale and very unnatural, it also makes you look a little plumper than you really are!


Now, life is no longer about who you really are, deep down inside; but how good your mask looks like on the outside.

The world is really changing.
But is all the change good?
If people are willing to do anything, what's stopping them from doing everything?

I don't hate Fauzi or Xiaxue.
In fact, I actually enjoy reading Xiaxue's blog sometimes.
I have nothing against these people.
But, seriously.
Sometimes it is possible to go too far.

6 Response to "singapore's only male bitch?"

Jo-Yee Says:

i think bleaching your hair is just the same as dying your hair to any other colour. the only differencce is colour. IMHO i dont think xx is trying to look caucasian, she just wants to try something different after having been brunette her whole life.

it is just like clothes. sometimes we wear black, other days we wear yellow. same case. same principle.

[rin] Says:

yes, but changing your clothes and style is different from changing your hair colour.
clothes can always be changed back, bleaching your hair is an irreversible process as it completely destroys the hair roots.
besides, she should be happy with how she looked like.
god knows many people were.

Jo-Yee Says:

she should be happy with the way she looks the way she likes it, not the way other people like it.
plus, for saying she's destroying the roots of her hiar, i can respect that opinion. but if you say that belacing her hair is wrong just because it looks unnatural, then i dont agree.
different people got different opinions. you may think she looks ugly, but to her friends and most importantly herself, she may think she looks nice with blonde hair.
it's the same principle as clothes. if blonde hair is wrong for an asian, then how come other colours (blue red pink etc) arent?
just because we HAVE to be happy with what god has given us, doesnt mean we shouldnt try to please ourselves once in a while. god made us naked, so why are we in clothes practically all our lives?
right? ;)

[rin] Says:

well, i'm just saying it as i see it lah.
all my blog stuff is just my opinions ma.
no hard feelings!

Jo-Yee Says:

haha yea no hard feelings!

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