a big re-decision...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, October 10, 2009 6:38 PM

We reconciled and are now back together.
Can't say much, just that this second time around, I'm really gonna work for it.
Maybe some people are gonna call me stupid or dumb, but let me just say this:
You haven't really felt loneliness until you've had someone to fill up that gap in your heart before.

It's a huge decision and maybe not the best one to make, but right no
w I don't really care.

Just for you...

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Anonymous Says:

there's nothing wrong when it comes to love,
Its just love,
U can be stupid U can selfish U can even be brave for love.
Love is evrything..

[rin] Says:

lols... yeah i think i am stupid...
but then...
cant help it...

Anonymous Says:

Lets just hope tht ur decision is good one then ;D

[rin] Says:

hopefully larhx~!
btw, may i know who u r?

Anonymous Says:

Just Somebody tht cares

[rin] Says:

thank u...
but i still hope to know who this is...

~CaLLy~ Says:

hehe..i totally understand ur feeling..cause i experienced it too.. =) not stupid at all...haha.....

good luck!

Alan ツ Says:

woooo serene!
all the best man

[rin] Says:

alan - ==||| long story... you'd better keep your gap shut bout this first...

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