the computer - man's curse to students...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, October 4, 2009 1:04 PM

So I was supposed to start studying on Friday.
I didn't.
Now it's Sunday.
And I still haven't made a move on my Sejarah reference book.
It's sitting on my desk, screaming silent accusations at me.
"How dare you defy the will of Islamic history! Read me, read meeeee!"

I ignored it in favour of my lovely (And much more polite... =D) Toshiba laptop.

I know, I know, exams is in a weeks' time.
While all my classmates are losing sleep over their mugging, I'm losing sleep over the wonders of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Which I've just unzipped into my computer).
Seriously, people, the amazing stuff you can do with PS CS3.
Especially the download-able brushes.

Not studying for year-end exams means I'm majorly screwed.
Especially Add. Maths and Accounts.
Guess that means I'll have to pick up those books sometime.
Question is,


6 Response to "the computer - man's curse to students..."

kenwooi Says:

photoshop is fun!
can do lots of photo editing.. haha..
anyway.. all the best in studies! =)

[rin] Says:

and thanks^^

Edwin T Says:

i am first time here. and your statement is definitely right! well, embarrass to say that i procrastinate quite often too. haha

[rin] Says:

edwin t - haha! i expect it's quite a general habit of students (except those 书虫)!

Shuwen Says:

where you get cs 3 ??? Im still outdated using cs2 :( have to buy one ? LOL and your audition pic makes me think of something else. eeps

[rin] Says:

shu - i downloaded it... haha~
go to search for cs3.exe...
but you gotta make sure you dont download rubbish into your computer lols...
hunt for those big big files - usually correct dy...
i cant really rmb where i dl-ed from...

ps - that aint audi, it's sdo-x...

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