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this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, November 27, 2009 7:05 PM

The mother of two juniors of mine passed away some time ago from cancer.
Her funeral was today.
I went with some people to represent BB - we had to carry the flower arrangements in the funeral procession.
Albeit being a hot and stifling day, we still had the walk round town with the mourning family members/relatives and the many well-wishers.
Ended up at the cemetery, where the final rituals were to be performed before the body was buried.

Today's funeral was an eye-opener for me.
Although the ceremony was conducted in the Christian style with old Chinese hymns, there were many very Chinese-y traditions practiced too.
For example, the giving of angpows (Red packets) containing some money to all the well-wishers who came and the funeral march round town were not exactly Christian practices.
But, hey, assimilation of cultures and all that 1Malaysia fluff, right?

But what really tugged at my heartstrings today were the sight of my two juniors.
They looked so forlorn and small amidst the hubbub of the ceremonies going on.
When I caught sight of their tear-stained faces, my heart just broke.
They're just Primary school kids.
I simply can't imagine how hard it is to lose one's mother at such young ages.

I lost an uncle when I was young.
I remember crying really hard at the hospital in the ICU ward as I watched him battle for his life.
But right now, if I say that I still have sad feelings whenever I think of him, I'd be lying.
It's not that I'm heartless - It's just that he wasn't a great part of my life then.
But to lose a mother...

Well, my prayers and best wishes are with these girls...

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Anonymous Says:

So..............., love ur mum or dad, even ur brothers ( though how horribly ignorant they may be) like u've never been starting now..

Take care of them, even their feelings..

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