something random, i guess...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, December 13, 2009 12:04 AM

Which is worst ah?
Breaking a promise you made to someone?
Breaking a promise you made to yourself?

Which one makes you feel the most guilt?
Or are you the heartless type who doesn't understand the meaning of feeling guilty?

(JOKING! Don't look at me like that la. Oi.)

For example...
A porn-watching guy has promised himself not to watch it anymore.

He makes a deal with himself to drop the habit.
Then, his girlfriend finds out about his tendency.
She asks him to stop it, and he promises her too.
So, the next time he watches those X-rated stuff, he'll be breaking both promises.
Which one will make him feel more guilty?

Okay la.
Sorry for the super crude example.
But I couldn't think of anything better.

Besides, in this case, sure he'll feel more guilty for breaking his promise to his GF rather than himself, right?
'Coz which guy will feel bad while watching that kind of stuff, right, right, right?

I guess I'm being sort of totally random with this post leh.
Comes from being in front of the computer with nothing to do.
Desperate lah!

Niways, I'll be on hiatus for 2 weeks plus, starting Tuesday.
Going to Cameron Highlands for camp, then off to Singapore for Christmas!


So you all sure will be happy lah, kan?
No more super boring posts from me on my super boring blog to read until you're super bored to death.

Cheers ya'll.

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