what stephenie meyer does to my head...

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And by Stephenie Meyer, I do mean the author of the Twilight series.
Just in case anyone needs clarification.

Anyways, I'm here talking 'bout the BOOKS and not the MOVIES okay?
'Coz the movies really suck.

I mean, you just read the first book (Twilight) and then watch the first movie lah.
You'll be like, "Huh? WTH just went on? Why the scene can suddenly jump here? Book got like that one meh??".
The movies try to cram too much of the books' elements in, making them overloaded with pointless scenes.
If you don't know the storyline, I highly doubt you'd be able to understand it from watching the movies.

But the again, which big screen adaptation of books is able to portray the actual writing anyway?
Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings movies also leave a lot to be desired lah.

But for those people who prefer watching to reading:


I've read the four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) 'bout twice through so far.

At first it seemed to me that the storyline was okay, but the author's writing style is a bit too simple.
But, anyway, I looked past that.
The ideas she portrayed also so-so only lah.

I just finished reading 'em through for the second time.
Like an abstract painting which reveals something new every time you look, I discovered some new stuff in the books.

For example, Bella's supposed to be super clumsy (She trips over her own feet while walking on a flat, solid ground), but she doesn't seem to be getting accidents at any of the right times.
Only when it suits the situation, then she'll fall over and be neatly caught by her 'drop-dead gorgeous' vampire boyfriend.
*Rolls eyes*

Meyer doesn't seem to be too consistent with her characters' characteristics, eh?
'Coz there're many other incidences like that throughout the four books.
Events where the character's flawed (Or flawless) tendencies only come into play when it suits the occurrences.
At other times, they're hardly there.

Annoying, at times.


With all its weaknesses and all my complaints, you'd think I wouldn't want to read the books again, right?
Surprisingly, I find that I don't really mind too much about those loopholes.
They're there, I noticed 'em, but they don't bother me much.
Guess I'm just a sucker for fantasy romances, eh?
(You can start kicking me in the guts now)


Something random:

Edward Cullen, 'absolutely gorgeous, to-die-for vampire and perfect boyfriend (Or husband in the final book)' of Isabella Swan, listens to Debussy.
For curiosity's sake, I checked out the music on YouTube:

*Raises eyebrows*
He's got good taste...

Ignore the video, by the way.
The movie doesn't do justice to the story.
(Like Alice Cullen is supposed to be super petite and almost-painfully thin lah)
My imagination's so much better.


All the click-able  references are 'coz I've got too much time on my hands.
School starts in a week; I should be getting psyched up for Form 5 life.

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[rin] Says:

what, vamps have to keep listening to music like this?:

anyway, like i said, i HATE the movies~~~!!!

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