D-ASH: 加油, 加油, 加油!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:42 PM

Decided to call the ACS Debate Team D-ASH instead of just DASH because it looks (And reads) cooler.

It's a day away from our national competition.
Yes, yes, only preliminary rounds, but very stressed already lah!
Teams from 90 over schools from all around Malaysia are gonna be there, and we're one of the 90.
Elite right, right, right?
Super happy that we even had an invitation and had this chance to wet our feet at nationals lor.

Anyways these few days leading up to the competition have been super busy and pressured.
Not only are we lacking time to prepare ourselves, but I also have BB Enrolment Service this Sunday!
Goes without saying that I can't attend it lah, but still got many things to do for the program.

Next time I shouldn't be sooooooooooo ready to offer my help/services out of the kindness of my heart liao.

These few days, because of the debate discussions, I've been losing my temper a lot.
Like literally, A LOT.
Because I always disagree with one of my teammates, so we constantly end up arguing.
But I also realise that while I am quick to flare up, I am also able to cool down just as quick.
That's a really huge improvement from my last-time super-jalapeño pepper-hot temper.

Maybe God put me in the debate team to teach me how to control my temper, huh?

Anyways, I've learnt to really appreciate help from people.
Like in debate right, after you've been harping on the same topic for 20 minutes, nothing else makes sense anymore.
So when outsiders come in (People whose two cents are sensibly intelligent lah, of course!) and give their opinions, it's like a fresh of breath air breath of fresh air.
(See? See?? Stressed my gray matter so much that it's like, overtaxed liao!)

So, thankyouthankyouthankyou Chuah and Wen Wei for being our fresh air today!
(Y'know, Wen Wei, you should seriously be in the team!!!)

Ooooooookay, I think that's enough of ranting for now.
Tomorrow afternoon gonna head off for KL with the gang and Mdm. Cheang.
Wish us all the best, kays?

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