i've been served!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 2, 2010 1:03 PM

With a notice.

 No lah, not police saman me 'coz I didn't wear helmet or was speeding (Although that has happened before... X___x).

But it's an official letter from BB, telling me that I had ‘unsatisfactory attendance/participation’ and was ‘absent from Enrolment Service 2010’.
Thus giving me the choice to either 'remain in the NCO Council and promise to adhere to the expectations/fulfill the responsibilities of an NCO’ or 'relinquish my position as a Council member and remain an ordinary member of BB'.

Those words, almost exactly.

When I got it, I was like "WTH!" in my mind.
It has never occurred to me that I would one day receive this sort of letter from this organization that I have poured my heart and soul into.
As far as I remember, my attendance has been excellent for the 5 years I've been with the Company, with exception of a few 'absences because of unavoidable circumstances'.
And even then, I've always handed in explanation letters and supporting documents to prove my case.

Needless to say, I am now an accomplished letter-writer.
Very convincing.
Very bombastic.
Trust me on this.

Anyway, if you need tips on how to write prettily-worded official letters, you now know who to find lah, kan?

Back to my case.
Okay, I know that I've been unable to attend quite a few meetings lately, 'coz I've been mad busy with the debate competition and I've also been spending weekends checking out potential colleges.
I guess I've missed 'bout 4-5 weekly BB meetings.

Still, I've done all my jobs, completed all my responsibilities and have even tried to be as fully involved in every project/activity as possible, even though I couldn't make it to the actual event!

I taught Target class, as was required by all Senior NCOs.
I prepared all the stuff they needed for the recruitment of new members.
I even did a full multimedia project for the Enrolment Service that I supposedly 'absent' from.

Full multimedia project, okay?
Slides, backdrop, worship lists, even the presentations!
I spent loads of time working on those items before I went for my debate competition, to the extent that I was losing sleep and practice time just to complete the things I promised to do.

Not to brag or anything, and I don't even expect anything in return, but not even a word of thanks for the 'service' I've done all along.

Nope, not a single acknowledgement.
Oh, I serve for 5 years with commitment and nothing happens.
I skip a couple of meetings and *POOF* I get served with a notice.
Brilliant, just brilliant, that.

Yeah, I get it, I'm there to work for God, everything goes back to Him.
I get it.
I know it.
And yes, I thank Him that I'm able to join BB, because it's made me the person I am today.

A person of integrity and confidence.
Sometimes, I look back and I can really see how much I've grown.
I seriously used to be someone who lacked confidence.
I used to walk around with my eyes on the ground and head tilted downwards.
I didn't use to be able to get up in front of a huge group of people to talk.
I used to be insecure and unsure of myself.

And I still am, sometimes.
But so much has changed in me.
Now, I am a school debater and I have a group of wonderful friends.
The blazing anger of my prepubescent self has more or less melted away, to be replaced by something else - something much more promising.
All this, thanks to BB.

I joined it in Form 1.
Now I'm in my final year of Secondary School.
I'm still here.
A much different girl from the little weakling who was pushed to join BB so many years ago by overenthusiastic friends who eventually dropped out.

I am proud of my achievements to date.
Who wouldn't be?
I've been through a lot and experienced so much of adolescent life.
There's more things that I remember fondly of than memories of regret in my past.
I am proud of who I am now.
But is it too much to ask that someone else be proud of me, too?

I suppose I sound cocky.
But, hey, this is the girl who lived with years of insecurity haunting her.
I think I've come far lor.

I thank The Lord, I really do, for giving me these opportunities.
But some things I just can't help being bitter at.


Anyway, I've already replied the notice letter.
Obviously, I've chosen to stay on.
Can't expect anything else from me, right?

And I've tried my best to give my all for the Company.
I really have.
Things have changed, though.
Nothing is that straightforward anymore.

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Kelvin Says:

I know tat feeling...and we won't feel the same for the organization anymore...

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