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this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 9, 2010 2:43 PM

Okay, everyone.
It's Mother's Day today, so, you all know what to do, right?
Go do something for all your mummies lah!

So, here's my idea of something you can do to give to mummy dearest:
A clay charm.
(PS - Sorry for the awful quality pictures, had to use my handphone's camera)
I used some clay from Korea, which I bought from Popular ('Bout RM8 for this pack).
But basically, you can use any clay you want.
Just make sure it's paper-based and the air-drying type, because the type of clay artists use for pottery and stuff needs baking/special setting and drying techniques.
Paper-based, air-dry clay is just WAY easier.

I 'borrowed' these tools from my Dad, but most ordinary household stuff works, too.
Some examples are toothpicks to poke holes and blades to cut the clay.
(BTW, I only found out later on that these tools were from my Dad's schooling days - They were used for dissection in Biology. OMG!)

So, anyway, firstly decide what shape you'll be making.
Preferably, sketch out your design so that you'll have some guidelines to follow.
Don't do anything too complicated if it's your first time working with clay, because clay-shaping takes a bit of getting-used-to.

Here, I decided on 'MM'.

Cut out the clay with the blade/knife, just enough to roll out into an 'M'.
I shaped my 'M' by first making the clay into a square-shaped lump, then cutting out the curves of the 'M'.
(Tell me if you find an easier/neater way to shape letters!)

Do 2 'M's and a heart shape.
The heart was made starting with a square lump, too, then pinched into a heart.
(Sorry I couldn't get any pictures for this step - It's impossible to take photos with clay-covered fingers!)

When you've got all 3 shapes done, get some water and just dampen the areas where the shapes will be sticking to each other.
The clay will become sticky when it mixes with water, giving you glue-like surfaces to join the 3 shapes together.
If it still doesn't feel sturdy enough, use some UHU glue/Elephant glue on the joints to make sure they don't break apart.

Mine came out looking like this:

The hole in the corner is so that I can thread string or loops through to make a keychain/handphone charm.
Poke it with something thin and sharp, like a toothpick.

After you're satisfied with your creation, leave it to dry.
Depending on the size and thickness of the clay, it could take from a few hours to a day.
Should be quite fast, though.
Mine dried in only one night.

Oh, yes, don't forget to keep the rest of the clay in an airtight place.

I kept mine in a ziplock baggie, because common sense will tell you that if the clay can dry overnight, then exposing the leftover clay to air is a stupid idea, right?

So, anyway, by the next day it was dry already.
You can pretty much tell if it's dry by tapping it softly when you pick it up.
If it feels solid, then dry already lah!

A white charm would be SO boring.
So, paint it with some water-based paints.
I used Buncho Poster Colours, because that's the only thing I have.

Paint it however way you want, whatever colour you like.
Although, I'll tell you right now that pink and green DO NOT match.
Oops, my mistake in choosing those colours.

After the paint dries (Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes with poster colours), take your charm outside for a shellacking.
Shellac/varnish can be bought at hardware stores or DIY shops and come in spray cans.
Or you could just try transparent nail polish.
(PS - This layer of shiny coating is important; without it the colours will run off and the clay won't last long. Plus, it pretty-fies the charm. ^^)

Spray one layer on each side, waiting until it dries before you flip it over to do the other side.
Don't miss out the corners!
And don't hold the can too near the clay when you spray, or the coating will end up with air bubbles on it.
Spray it from about 30cm (A long ruler's length) away.

Wait (Again! =O) until the coating dries, then thread either a handphone charm string or even a keychain hoop through the hole.

Take it and give it to mummy, saying, "Thanks for everything, Ma. I love you,".

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jfook Says:

So sweeettt....

[rin] Says:

haha thanks... =)

Shuwen Says:

omg ! can you make one for me tooo ? LOL XD

[rin] Says:

LOL shuwen maybe christmas... if santa says ur really really good... xDDD
(((okay crapping==)))

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