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The girl who cuts and puts up those pictures on Facebook;
Who throws the word 'depressed' around like it's any other normal word like 'happy' or 'sad';
And who seems to take it all as a fun, attention-garnering social game.


Depression is none of the above!
  1. People who cut do so in private, not all over the internet. They do so not to purposely seek attention, but because they do not get enough attention. They do it for release, not as a publicity stunt.
  2. Depression is a serious clinical/medical problem. It needs treatment and medication and an overlook by professionals. Depressed people would not have the time or mood to post all sorts of photos of themselves being 'depressed' on the internet. And photos of depressed people would most certainly not be in the same area as photos of themselves DFA-ing on their cameras with their new clothes, new boyfriends, latest holidays and all that shiz.
  3. Depression is not fun. It is not something you can take so lightly. It does not happen just because a friend dislikes you, or whatever. And it is most definitely a very inappropriate attention-seeking tool.

With a couple of photos of your arms all bloody, full of carved out words on them, all in a file labeled 'Depression' in Facebook.
Except, looking at the rest of your photo files, you're smiling and laughing and posing and kissing and hugging.


Even in the hospital getting treatment, you take photos.
Don't you ever get a life away from your camera?

Depression doesn't just go away.
It's not a switch that can be turned ON and OFF at will.
It doesn't cure itself over the span of a few days and then you're back to publicly snogging your boyfriend like nothing ever happened.


No real person with clinical depression would ever think of posting pictures of themselves with their limbs all cut up on Facebook.
They stem the blood with cotton pads;
They wrap the wounds with Band-Aids;
They wear long-sleeved shirts to cover the scars.
They don't show the world they're abnormal, because all they ever want is to lead ordinary lives and fit in with society.

It seems to me that you're just doing all of that for a bit of drama.
So that people can comment on the photos, going, "don't do this, it's not worth it. don't care about the rest of the world and what they think! ♥♥ you, no matter who doesn't!".
So that when people demand to know what happened, you can go, ":(  i hurt myself..."


Stephenie Meyer got something right in her New Moon book: The effects of depression.
She accurately describes the loss of spirit, the mental blankness, the gaping holes.
However, the part where Bella Swan can perform like a normal student/child just a week after the impact is just BULLSHIT.
You wouldn't go back to being a brilliant student.
You wouldn't be able to sail through days with a smile (However forced it may be) on your face.
You wouldn't even be able to think so clearly about what's happening to you and analyze your 'dead'-ness.

Depression is like having something eat at you from inside out.
It isn't something to be taken so lightly of.
It is a serious matter, with seriously dire consequences.

Girl, this isn't a game.
Grow up, please.

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zzanyy Says:

nice post. completely agree.

Nina Nurziana Says:

nice post!!

ps-follow u :)

[rin] Says:

thanks girls.

was just pissed about seeing photos like that on FB...

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