i has a new toy!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, July 31, 2010 8:53 PM

And it's something I've wanted for, like, EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet:

My new Kingmax external hard drive!

Have a lot of things in your computer which are important?
Tired of your laptop lagging because of hard drive overload?
Need to carry large files around which can't fit into thumbdrives?

Well, worry no more because Technology has given us the amazing invention called the External Hard Drive!

It's small, it's sturdy, it's portable and most importantly, it has a huge capacity.
(Oh, it's shiny, too!)

Yes, ladies and gents, this Kingmax baby has 640GB worth of space, which is double of most laptops and desktops (320GB).
It comes with its own pouch:

It's only 2.5 inches, and fits into my palm.

Anyways, am happy that I finally got this.
I've been needing it for a loooooong while, on account of my laptop slowly getting overflowed with my miscellaneous folders and art pieces.
So, weeeeee~

On another, equally happy note:
My Vampire Diaries series has finally finished its very, very, very long download.
22 episodes took my stupid supposed-to-be-54Mbps-Streamyx-connection-but-is-much-much-slower line 3 days plus plus to complete.

But still, it came out clear and HDTV quality.
So, yay~!

Can't wait to start watching, because the show is NICE weh!
No sparkly vampires, no emo, sadistic main actress, and no Robert Pattinson.
This should be a bomb.

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ken Says:

i got a 1TB external.. haha.. but dont use much also.. =P

[rin] Says:

1TB needs its own external power source...
ma fan >.>

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