i really should be studying...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, July 18, 2010 7:57 PM

Yet I have been either going out, lepak-ing all over town or sitting at home reading my Galaxie magazine.
Sedangkan my tests start on Tuesday.
WTF max.

By the way right, why do so many Chinese artistes/actors/actresses have ridiculous names?
I mean, I was just browsing through Galaxie and came across the name Real Ting.
He's Miriam Yeung's hubby and is rumoured to be joining Miriam on stage at her next concert.

His name cracked me up, so I decided to Google him to see what he looked like.
The verdict?

Oh, there's nothing 'fake' about him, all right.

So what's with Chinese artists' penchant to choose totally ridonkculous names?

For example, Fish Leong.
Do you see any resemblance of her to a marine animal?
(Is that even correct grammar??)
Well, maybe her slightly-puffy eyes...

But still.
Why Fish, of all the nouns the English language offers?
Why not Shark or Eel or Dolphin, then?
Dolphin Leong, hmm...
I'm not insulting her lah; don't sue me.
But c'mon... 

Or a certain Vinx Lin.
The name reminded me of yet another animal:
Ladies and gents, meet the mink.
It's one of the cousins of the otter and the weasel, for your information.

Meet also the minx:
Which is a pert, impudent or flirtatious young woman.
Okay, guys, you can stop drooling now!

So I was thinking, "Vinx Lin is definitely a girl..."
Not a girl.
A (Pretty hot) guy.
Who, unfortunately for him, has a very, very odd name.

And, of course, our very own Malaysian stars:
Henley Hii and Orange Tan.


Please can you people find better names to call yourselves?

I really respect you guys for making it big in the entertainment industry, which definitely mustn't have been easy.
But gosh, your names really are farh-neee!

I mean, you guys are all great artistes/actors/actresses in your own rights, I have nothing against you.
Just your names, y'know?
If you're gonna wanna be famous and internationally known and stuff, at least choose English names that are memorable because they reflect you and suit you, not memorable because they seem to be random syllables or nouns picked from the dictionary.

But of course, it all boils down to personal taste.

Anyways, who am I to speak?
My name doesn't even suit me to begin with.

Like, seriously?
(Okay, this picture's from a couple of yearsssss ago and I look like a freak. No comments! =.=|||)

Jym Chong??
I rest my case.

4 Response to "i really should be studying..."

ken Says:

haha.. yeah pretty true!
probably to get attention.. and they managed to get your attention too! =P

[rin] Says:

oh, they caught my attention, all right.
roflmaos, literally.

Siti Noor Afiq Idris Says:

Fish Leong XD
Myb she loves fish too much that she decided to put it in her name lol

[rin] Says:

or maybe her favourite food is like, fish and chips or something... xDDD

lols, thanks for dropping by =)

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