the NAMEWEE controversy...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Wednesday, September 1, 2010 1:47 AM

Okay, who DOESN'T know Namewee, huh?
The mastermind behind YouTube hits like Negarakuku and Nah, Siti Inshah?
Come on, the dude's a national celebrity by now!
He's well known all over the Malaysian web and his name's even in print/on the news.
So, if you really haven't heard of him, you must be like, some really ulu person who lives in the middle of a jungle without TV or internet.

Anyway, he's facing the possibility of legal action being taken upon him for posting all those controversial videos, most of which take a direct hit at the Malaysian government.
The kerajaan dudes wanna stick him in jail for voicing out his opinions through video media.

I think it's all bullsh*t.
They can't sue someone for speaking their minds.
I totally don't agree with their pending decision as to whether or not Namewee should be brought to court.
All he did was express things as they are, and since we do have a law that protects the freedom of expression, I don't see why it's a big deal.
Unless, of course, that law (Like so many others) only applies to those who are 'bumiputera'.

It's not that I totally agree with Namewee's methods of expression.
I do have some issues with his extremely foul language and choice of words, which tend to make him seem a lot less serious than he could be when dealing with these sensitive topics.
I mean, if he were to be civil and talk with the flair of someone who knows his stuff, he'd sound a lot more convincing.
But of course, that way he'd have attracted less viewers and garnered less attention.
Everybody loves a scandal, innit?

But he's got the guts to say aloud and shout it to the world, the issues we're facing here in Malaysia.
Extremist he may be, but he's done what few people dare to do and gone that extra mile to make himself heard.
At least the things he say are true, right?

Freedom of speech and expression FTW, people.
It shouldn't be just a concept in the Perlembagaan Malaysia which we have to study pointlessly about in school.
As of many other Articles in there, too.

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