this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 24, 2009 5:36 PM

Ever had someone whom you treasured and looked up to?
Someone who, in your eyes, was the image of perfection?
Someone whom you maybe even loved...?

Imagine that same person betraying you.
That same person you held dear to your heart, breaking promises and denying your trust.
Lying, cheating;
Putting you down.

What would you feel like?
Think about it, seriously.
Because it might happen someday; be prepared for anything.

As for me, well, I lost all my respect for that person.
Someone who's insulted me and put me down unreasonably does not deserve my respect.
Or even my friendship, for that matter.
Simply because that person has no right to insult me.
Neither does he have any right to dictate my life or anything that I do.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions; it's a free country here.
But so what if you have your own ways and I've mine?
Doesn't make you totally right and me, nothing but wrong.

I really cannot face this person anymore.
It's a chore to have to meet him almost every day; but I'll just have to act like he isn't even there.
If only I could cut him out of my life...

I really regret knowing this person.


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Oh yeah, and bro?
Get well soon, k?

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