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The school bell rings - it's the end of school for the day.
A guy and a girl walks out of the school compound.
While walking, he offers to carry her bag and stuff for her, but she refuses.
They walk together to the guy's motorbike and get on.
The girl sits in front, he's behind her.
He's driving; his hands are wrapped around her.
That's how they leave the school, driving off to goodness-knows-where.

This was a scene I just watched at school just now.
I'm not really in the mood to make it sound like a beautiful event with all sorts of flowery words, but just imagine it and you'll get the idea.
I just thought that the guy is so sweet.
However, when I mentioned that to some friends, they had a lot of comments about it...
"It's so dangerous!"
"Why you call everything sweet de?"
"Ha, like that also sweet ar??"
To me it's sweet, as well as a lot of other simple things too.
I don't know, probably it's just me.

Anyway, exams are all over (Finally!) and the semester break is gonna start soon.
First thing during sem. break would be BNTS at Air Tawar.
Go there as kelefeh only...

Diarrhea + Gastric = Agony
For the past two days, that's what I've been facing.

So exhausted...
Need rest!
Holiday holiday come come!

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