this awesomeness is by [rin] , Tuesday, June 2, 2009 4:20 PM

My eyes are like, so totally blurred as I'm staring at the computer screen now.
They're half-closed and feel really heavy.
So why am I not taking a nap?
Good question.
Maybe it's 'coz I miss my computer, I haven't seen it for 3 days already.

Just back from BNTS with the gang.
29 monkeys from 2nd Manjung.
It was...

You know what?
I actually had something to post just now.
I vaguely remember having something to talk about on my blog.
But I can't think of it now.

But I've something to say to someone.
And that is:
What do you want from me, actually?
You already ended our friendship.
Why do you still tell me of the past?
Why do you still let me hope?
And what is going on up there in your mind?
I can't understand what you want and why you do each thing that you do.
Is it impossible for you to just discuss things and talk stuff out normally?
I don't even have the words/vocabulary to describe what I'm feeling now.
I just don't understand you!

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