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de⋅press /dɪˈprɛs/

–verb (used with object)
1. to make sad or gloomy; lower in spirits; deject; dispirit.
2. to lower in force, vigor, activity, etc.; weaken; make dull.
3. to lower in amount or value.
4. to put into a lower position: to depress the muzzle of a gun.
5. to press down.
6. Music. to lower in pitch.

Related forms:
de⋅press⋅i⋅ble, adjective
de⋅press⋅i⋅bil⋅i⋅ty, noun

dishearten, discourage, sadden, devalue, cheapen.

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I'm currently reading a book called Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult.
(Spoiler alert!)
It's about the life of a girl who has the untreatable genetic disability osteogenesis imperfecta - better known as brittle bone disease.
Willow has suffered through the first six years of her life and - unable to support her mounting stack of treatment bills - her mother sues the obstetrician for medical malpractice, hoping to get the money she needs for Willow.

Willow has a half-sister, Amelia.
She's a normal child who doesn't have any of the complications Willow suffers.
But because of her sister's condition and the constant attention it requires, Amelia is pushed into the background by her own family.
With feelings of being ignored and uncared for, Amelia starts to develop anorexia and learns to cut herself.
With her mother busy fighting the lawsuit and her father in the middle of a divorce, Amelia's habits go by unnoticed.

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I haven't finished the book yet, so I don't know what happened to Willow or Amelia in the end.
However, reading about Amelia made me think about depression.

I've had many friends tell me they were feeling down or depressed on some days.
I've had many times when I myself have felt depressed, too.
On these days, I'd prefer to be alone to wallow in my thoughts.
I'd sleep a lot, even in school during lessons.
I wouldn't feel like going about and doing anything, because I'd have the sensation of being energy-deprived.
In short, it's an awful and unhealthy feeling.

Depression can be caused by a million reasons.
Upcoming tests, the ending of a relationship, even a hurtful comment from someone you thought was your friend.
There are so many 'Why's to depression.
Also, there are many 'How's.
How do different people get rid of their morbid emotions?
Cutting and starving, like Amelia?
Isolating oneself?
Or would some find a way to release it all?
Sports, maybe, or reading.
Online gaming even.

When someone tells me they're feeling depressed, I do try my best to help them and listen to them.
Because that's the best thing to do - shut up and listen.
Let whoever it is get a chance to speak up and voice out all of their bottled up feelings.
Even though I mayn't have a solution to their problems, but if I just listen, I do believe that I'm somehow helping them in my own little way.
If someone'd listen to my rants and tears and complaints during my 'emo' times, I'd just feel better.
Maybe not great, but marginally I'd have a little bit of relief.

I'm not really sure what I'm going on and on about, but through all this, I've been thinking of a friend of mine.
She told me, some time ago, that she had lost the will to live.
Personal problems and family troubles had made her unwilling to wake up each day and carry on with life.
Although I don't really believe that she would be the type to take extreme measures like suicide, I still worry about her.
I've tried to be there for her, these few days.
I've been spending time with her and helped her with some stuff.
I really hope she'll be able to pull out of this okay.

Girl, you have a whole life ahead of you.
At your tender age, depression isn't something you should be dealing with.
In fact, it's something none of us should have to face.
But with the direction the world is going nowadays, is it a wonder that we're hearing more stories of nervous breakdowns and teenage suicides?
The problem may have originated from ourselves, or it may have not.
Desperate actions are taken when one is pushed to the utmost and beyond.
Even rubber bands snap if they're pulled too hard.
But rubber bands have to be pulled by a set of hands to even start stretching.
Families, parents, environments, societies.
They all contribute towards giving that push to send someone falling over the cliff.
It is not something anyone can do anything about.
It's spontaneous.
It's an unconscious event.
Even if nobody means for it to happen, it can still happen any time.

Depression is one of the worst emotions that one can feel.
It is disgusting; self-esteem-lowering; painful.
It is self-destructive.

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My darling girl, I know you'll be okay.
I'll be right here to make sure you are, even if it kills me.
(Pun not intended)

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