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My latest literary work:
(Click this link. Then click on paper-like icon to download and read)

I'd like to see how many people are willing to support my idea of starting a blog which will have an ongoing story which readers can contribute to.
It's going to be open; anyone can submit your pieces of writing by sending it to me by e-mail.
As long as the story doesn't end, you can pretty much weave the storyline any way you want.
Oh, no sensitive issues like politics and etc., of course.
The contributions will be sifted through by me and those with an interesting continuation to the story and a sufficient word count (Say... 500 and above?) will be chosen.
I will, of course, reserve the right to edit any of your submissions for grammar errors/typos/information errors and such, and also to make sure the story flows smoothly.
But I will try to retain as much of the original text and idea as possible.
Do any of you think this is a good idea?
It will definitely be a good way of filling your time and showcasing your talents as a budding writer/novelist.
Please do reply and give me some of your views!

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