one small shuffle forwards for the language, one great leap backwards for the country...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, October 23, 2009 4:37 PM

A few years ago, the Science and Mathematics subjects in school were given a transition from Bahasa Malaysia (BM) to English.
The switch was long overdue and many welcomed the change.
Studying Science and Mathematics - two of the few most vital subjects - in BM just didn't cut it any more.
In this world where everything is constantly moving forwards and English is becoming the language of utmost importance, neglect of the numero uno language just won't do.
That's why almost everyone was in favour of the transition those few years ago.
Everyone thought it would be the first of many steps forward the country would be taking.

Unfortunately, the Malaysian government has again decided to do a switch; this time from English back to BM.

Now, if you ask me, I seriously think that all this is a waste of time and resources.
Not only is it going to use up a lot of the government's funds (Again!), it would also use up a hell lot of everyone's efforts - the students would have to re-initiate themselves with the subject in a whole new language with whole new terms (Again!), the parents would have to buy a whole new set of books once the switch is done (Again!), the teachers would have to teach in a different language (Again!), the publishers would have to translate books from English to BM (Again!) and the list goes on and on.

Yes, of course BM is our national language.
Yes, of course we should be proud of our country and its cultures.
And yes, of course we should use BM as much as possible, if only because it is out national language.
But sacrificing the development of the country to be loyal to a language is totally NOT worth it!

English is the most important language in the world.
It is a language that surpasses all barriers and is the international communicator.
It is Mother Earth's mother tongue!
Look at all the great nations - US, England, even China - if they're not already an English-speaking country, they're well on the way to embrace it.
And you can't quote Japan or Korea as being nations with bad English - they are well-developed, self-relying, first world countries!
No effing way can Malaysia even be compared to them.

Yet here we are, not even able to make an effort to develop our motherland into something more than just an 'up and coming' country.
Maybe we don't have endless resources, maybe we don't have bottomless funds, but we should at least make an effort.
However tiny and insignificant it may be, many small efforts put together will perhaps build up and become a great big Reward in the future.
Surely letting our future generations embrace the world's leading language in their studies of the two crucial subjects whilst they are in school is not too much to ask for?

Even though I may not be studying those two subjects any more by the time the changes are implemented, but I despair for the sake of my juniors.
They deserve a chance in the world out there instead of going totally blur when asked to explain the Physics concept of Buoyant Force, because they would have studied it as Konsep Daya Apung (Which, by the way, sounds like something vulgar)!

I really do hope that the Malaysian government (And our Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) would come around and see the light, before it's too late and we've condemned our nation's future leaders to a life of embarrassment and inability to move forward and be known anywhere else but South East Asia.

Thy author,


13 Response to "one small shuffle forwards for the language, one great leap backwards for the country..."

Kennee Says:

I pity those students who are affect whereby they need to relearn terms once they enter higher learning education. I am one of those generation where sciences where still in malay. Good thing is that we get to be versatile and also proves abit of a challenge to relearn some of the terms once we started college... ^^ But i think reverting back to BM will only cause more harm to the younger generation and the other... Btw, nanged ya on innit and also ad clicked... ^^

[rin] Says:

haha... thx... and yup yup...
but it really would be a step backwards...

Horlic Says:

And i am the first generation when they had made this changes ( those who born in 90' also)....I was form 1 that time...
and now i already learn the 2 subjects for
almost 6 years (T_T)
Now they will change it back to origin...
And I feel like we just like a toy soldier
and a lab mice for Government.

Rakyat didahulukan
Pencapaian diutamakan...
Think again either they achieve this concept

[rin] Says:

change here change there, they just say change then change...
never think of the students or weigh the pros and cons...
just coz BM is the national language...
waste of talent...

Deric Says:

this post is waaaay overdue.... :P

[rin] Says:

sorry ric...
i was busy on tuesday when muhyiddin announced that maths&science might start 2011 and not 2012...

Deric Says:

overdue as in, since the first time he said PPSMI will be abolished, which was like months ago... hahahaha

[rin] Says:

oh c'mon...
now only the details started pouring out and further planning comes to light ma...
besides, i was lazy to write at that time...
only when i was pissed at his yong sui face on tv...

kenwooi Says:

luckily i wasnt affected..
but i did them in BM..
aiya the government.. nothing better to do.. lol

[rin] Says:

luckily i have the chance to do add maths in english...
if not...

chris_lim Says:

totally agree with your points. Im the last batch of BM, but im a supporter of ETeMs. Won't elaborate longer or the government will revoke my scholarship.

dropping by,

[rin] Says:

thanks chris^^

uncle_jack Says:

owh like this
so coward our ministry

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