a woman who's an insult to females...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, October 29, 2009 2:56 PM

In The Star newspapers yesterday and today, a reporter was covering articles on the Kelantan State Assembly.
One of the latest updates is about a Kelantan lawmaker who had a suggestion on how to reduce divorces and help single mothers.

You can check out the articles here:
Awards For Reps Who Take Single Mums As Second Wives
And here:
Reward Reps Who Wed Single Mums

For those of you who're too lazy to read the articles, let me sum it up for you:
State Women Family and Health Committee chairman Wan Ubaidah Omar's 'brilliant' idea is to give incentives to state assemblymen so that they will want to marry single mothers or take them in as second (Or third, fourth, fifth, etc.) wives.

This, to me, is an outrage!
Not only does she show complete disrespect towards women who're single mums, but she's also insulting women everywhere for talking about them like they're merely minor, insignificant problems to be solved and done with as soon as possible.
I mean, giving men rewards to marry women is truly the most sexist thing ever.
And this coming from a woman herself!

Does she actually think that single mums want/choose to be like that?
Most single mothers have no choice or control over what the cruel hands of Fate do to their lives.
Most of them never asked to be single mothers.
Being a single mother is already tough and challenging in itself, now this group of people are being further discriminated by the authorities, too.
Yes, those 'authorities' who are supposed to be caring and helping them.

They may think that it would be helpful for these women to marry state representatives and have the income and resources to cater for their children, but has the Kelantan State Assembly considered that these women are humans too?
That they deserve more than just to be treated as a means to get 'rewards' from the state government?
Has the Kelantan State Assembly considered the fact that many could (And would) abuse this if it was passed?

If men are allowed to use women like this - and be rewarded for it to boot - it shows that our society (And it's mindset) has never really moved forward, has it?

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iyouwe.info Says:

thank you for the summary! i am lazy haha!

[rin] Says:

you're welcome...

Dylan Phuah Says:

pfft! the women is so back dated!
let's ask here if she wants to be taken by someone else just for the sake of being with someone.

Anonymous Says:

How could u call that a disrespect ?

Are u a single mom to start with ?

Hahaha .. go finish ur schooling first lah ..

[rin] Says:

dylan - you got THAT right...
anonymous - how would you know that i don't understand what it feels like? for someone who's too scared to even write their name down here, you sure pack a lotta crap... like i said, i never forced you to read my blog, you don't have to...

AL Says:

this is interesting! generally, the women need help in terms of financial and child future support. it will be a great help if it could be done.

BUT, on the other hand, this is a disgrace! i agree with you. seriously, i don't think it's tough to make a living and support the child themselves. Luxury is not necessary, it's merely a selfish thought! =)

[rin] Says:

sacrifice ones dignity and self-honour for means of financial support?
maybe some would do it, but society would always, always have different views on this sort of issues...

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