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Okay, people.
Does anyone have a good way of curing addiction?
Like addiction to...
Old bad habits?

I mean, if it's a bad habit, then drop it, right?
And if it's old, means it's already long overdue for a-dropping.

But some things are just too hard to stop doing if you've been at it for a while.

It's kinda like...
Smoking and addiction to sex.

Oh, well, maybe those are rather strong examples.

But, heck, those are curable.
In fact, most habits can be stopped.
With a strong dose of Will and lots of Support.

Habits that surface as a side effect of something that happened, however, are harder to squish out.

Like the Girl-Who-Bites-Her-Nails because it's her own way of release.
It could be her way of telling people that all's not fine and dandy in her world.

Or like the Excessive-CyberCafe-Haunting-Gamer-Dude who can't control his *DotA (Defense of the Ancients - A crazily famous real-time strategy MMORPG) addictions.
A broken family could be the reason for his constant dwelling of CCs.

Or the Emo-Self-Hurting-Self-Hater who never got enough care and attention.

Or the...
I'm outta ideas.
But you get the drift, right?

Habits that spawn from deeper causes can be potentially harmful.
These addictions have to be addressed from the roots upwards, or the problem will never be solved.

The moral of today's story (Because everything has to have a moral, right?):
Little quirks and stuff that makes someone unique is nothing.
But when one develops a habit that can destroy themselves eventually, it will, well, eventually destroy the person.

So reach out to someone whom you think seems to be acting weird lately.
Your friend.
Your classmate.
Your neighbour.
The guy who sits beside you at Sunday Mass.
Heck, even your dog (He could be having an allergic reaction to his food, you never know!).

A little care and attention can always go a long way.




6 Response to "addiction..."

Anonymous Says:

And all this love and stuffs are suggested by you???!!!? Pfft. You're right. Nice to see this new you, btw. XP

kenwooi Says:

well.. habits are hard to go off..
addiction is even worse.. need rehabilitation? =P

[rin] Says:

got some good spots?

Eric Lee Says:

hm...there's a difference in habit and addiction..haha sometimes getting out of something is easier sad than done...finding a substitution is definitely an option

[rin] Says:

haha... addiction to habits, see?

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