my mini shopping spree...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, December 5, 2009 9:08 PM

Went for a little shopping trip with Mum today.

(WARNING - Guys may not want to proceed beyond this point. =P)

I needed (Or wanted. Whatever. Same lah, kan?) some clothes for my upcoming Youth Camp at Cameron Highlands.
Had a theory that if I got sleeveless shirts and paired it with my jacket, it'd look good and pack light at the same time.
Gotta wait till camp to test my theory, eh?

Unfortunately, since I live in teeny tiny Sitiawan town, my choices were sorely limited.
But got some pretty okay stuff at one of the shops lah.

Interesting fact: Grey top was from the guys' section.
But comfy okay?
And it doesn't look much different from the rest.
Which shows us how assimilated our style of clothing has become, eh?

Cute right, this hoodie?
Looks way better with sleeves folded up halfway.
I seriously dig hoodies.

Super-ly flared jeans.
The only kind I wear 'coz if I wear straight-cut, it just looks...

Ignore all the price tags lah.
Lazy to cut off.

Anyway, the stuffs not too bad lah, right, right, right?

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cik jelly BERTUAH Says:

i love the red top :D , this is my1st visit to ur blog and im a newbie . i love ur blog template ,!

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