my SECOND week of school... already!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, January 15, 2010 5:45 PM

Time flies.
I mean, it seems like just yesterday that I started the first day of Form 5.
Now I'm finishing the second week of school already.
What happened to the two weeks in between, huh?

And it seems like only yesterday that I was in class 5S2, and now I've just survived the week in 5S3.
Too bad You should be.

Let's rewind a little, back to the 2009 Form 4 year-end exams, shall we?
I did work for the exam, I did study, but just didn't do as well as I'd hoped...
I ended up dropping to the second class, Science 2.
First time in my five years of secondary school I dropped to second class lor.
But wasn't too bad lah, I could get myself used to it.

Then, on the second Monday of school, during assembly...

The killer news hit, brought about by our oh-so-fantastically-great-principal (NOT!) Dr. something-something-something-something (I'm not stupid enough to mention the name!), AMN.
(Yes, must NOT forget the 'AMN' title! It's like a datuk-ship or whatever)
"All those who want to drop Prinsip Perakaunan for their SPM will move to 5 Science 3, effective from today, because I have had ENOUGH of parents coming to make ridiculous demands for their children to drop subjects for SPM..."
And I lost her right after that, because my mind had turned into a swirling, pitch-black whirlpool swamp puddle mess.

Thoughts like, "What...", "Drop to S3?!", and "Oh no..." kept floating around the mess up there.
But to make a long, frustrating story short, I had no choice but to move down to the third class because I really don't wanna take Prinsip Perakaunan for SPM.

I really, really, really suck at the subject, by the way.

Anyway, I've made it through these two crazy weeks, as you can see.
My following days are gonna be spent in 5S3, trying not to go mad...

You see, 5S3 has this 'rep' every year.
Without fail, there'll be many discipline cases that come out from that class.
Many teachers will complain, discipline masters will frequently visit and any teacher coming into the class usually has a perpetual sneer/disgusted/bored look.

Damn them Unfair, right?
After all, we're still the third best class in the Pure Sciences stream, meaning the third best class in the whole Form 5.
But yet, people still look down on S3 students.

"If you're from S3, high chances that you're some kind of delinquent,"
Oh, well.
Can't deny that fact 100%, myself.

Just gonna make the best of my time there; do the best I can.
Waiting for my freedom.

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Anonymous Says:

shud say is last class at pure science stream LOL!

[rin] Says:

still top third class rite?

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