over-excitement + klutziness = disaster

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, January 22, 2010 2:44 PM

I fell during volleyball practice last week.
I was running and slid forward head-first when my body went faster than my feet.
So I've got massive injuries on my elbow, waist and knee.

And that's the reason why I've been hobbling one-sided-ly around school and have been unable to participate in the Sukantara.
Volleyball accident, okay?
I did NOT crash my motor!

'Coz that's what everyone seems to think when they see my injuries.
"Langgar motor ah?"

Whaaaaat lah.

Anyway, it hurts like dickens.
(Okay, what's 'dickens'? I just scammed the word out from a book! Sounds dirty, though)

And I can't walk straight.
Or lie straight.
Or sit straight.
Or do anything straight, for that matter.

I know I look weird, too, riding my m-bike while leaning towards my right side.
Left side's the injured side, see.
Mad painful, okay?

Just biding my time till I heal up, then I wanna continue my sports training.
Final year of school, gotta scrimp for all the kokurikulum marks I can!

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