hamster madness!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Monday, March 15, 2010 3:16 PM

 This is Rhino.
He lives in a plastic ball.
He only comes out once in a while...
To save the world.

Know him?
Know him?

He's the hamster from Bolt!

And he's successfully made me go into hamster-madness mode.

I went to a pet store that day and saw that hamster ball, which made me think of Rhino.
So now I'm obsessed liao!

Only thing was, I didn't have enough money on me that day to spend on a hamster/cage/food/wood shavings.
Also, I don't think my house has a place where I can put a hammie.
And I haven't even thought about how expensive it's gonna be, either.

I think it was lucky I didn't have money on me that day.

But how can anyone possibly say "No" to that cute lil' thing??

Suspect I am on the verge of another borderline ADHD breakdown.

4 Response to "hamster madness!"

ohmywtf Says:

hehe....hamsters are indeed cute but too bad they dont understand us like dogs or cats. :-)

[rin] Says:

i can't rear a dog or cat in my house though...
space constraint/mum don't like animals @.@

寻找自己 Says:

actually hamster is not that expensive, but the supplementary sutff are quite expensive, a really big enough cage, food,vitamin,bathing sand,wood shavings,running ball.my hamster just delivered two small hamsters last 2 days.

[rin] Says:

FedEx 'em to me then i no need buy hammies... xD

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