we won!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, March 13, 2010 6:34 PM

Okay, not exactly 'won' won, but 'second place' won.
But is still considered winning, right?
Only lost to SMJK Nan Hwa, which was expected, anyway.

Awesome, right?!
ACS has never sent out a volleyball team before (Or else it's been veeeeeeeeeeery long since one has been sent to compete!) and our first year going, we get second place!
Awesome lor!

Even though I didn't play much, because, honestly, if I did play in every match, we probably wouldn't win (It's my first year playing, after all...), but hey, winning sports competitions is a team effort and the feeling of achievement is sweet.

Whether or not we'll be getting trophies/medals/etc., is a different matter, though.
I heard that the Under-18 guys' competition only had pencils as the first prize.
Amazing lah.
Train mad hard to win a pencil each.
The hosting school is either reeeeeeeeeeeally kiam siap (Stingy), or they're in dire need of funds.

But anyway, who cares?
We get the co-curricular marks, have tasted success and also set the precedent for next year.
What could be better?
(The honest answer for that would be "A lot of stuff", but I think you get my point...)

I'm still gonna continue training and try to improve myself at this game, if only for the sake of my pig-headed attitude of never-give-up-ness.
Also, I'll be able to keep fit and have an excuse to exercise regularly.

"And we're proud we're students of the A.C.S."

[ACS V-ball Team, No. 12 & Off-Court Captain signing out]

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