2010 debate workshop at HELP...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, April 11, 2010 1:42 PM

So, yesterday (10th April), me and my debate gang went down to KL for the Debaters and Adjudicators workshop organized by HELP University College.

We started our journey at 7.30am from school.
We arrived there at 11.30am.

Why so long, you ask?
Because we got lost, that's why!

We spent like, 1 hour going round and round because we kept missing turn-offs and misreading road signs.
The highways pulak so confusing, every turn leads you off somewhere completely different.

I tell you, I really salute KL-ites for their ability to wind their way through the road-mazes on a daily basis.
If it was me, I'd get so hopelessly lost to the point that I'd just sell my car and take the LRT instead.

I might be singing a different tune once I start studying in KL and get to know the place, though.
But till then, I'll be bringing my laptop along the next trip we make.

Which, by the way, is on the 24th of April.

We'll be going down on the evening of the 23rd, because the Eighth National English Debate Competition: Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Dr. Hajjah Saleha Debate Cup 2010 will start the next day.

Excuse me while I go scream my excitement.

*After 5 minutes*

Okay, I'm back.

So, a national level debate competition, huh?
I'm dead excited.
And dead nervous also lah!

Imagine meeting the best school teams from all over M'sia and having to hold my own on a stage in front of unknown adjudicators.
Like, whoa.

But we only have 2 weeks to prepare for the darn competition.
Scratch that.
It's actually only 'bout a week when you don't count in our schooling times.
*Starts clutching hair*
Where got enough time lor??!!

The prizes, however, are lucrative.
And I do mean LUCRATIVE.

HELP's offering scholarships/tuition fees waiver and other goodies for all teams who make it into Semifinals and beyond.
Think handphones, cameras and plaques.

I just wanna do my best for my final year.
Art colleges don't have inter-varsity debating competitions, so this might very well be my last year debating.

So, anyway, yesterday was an eye-opener.
It was really good to be in an environment where everyone was so focused on the same thing.
It was good, too, to have all our questions answered and our unsure-ities justified.

Not to mention that we went to Mid Valley after that.

Just gonna work our hardest and do our best for the upcoming competition.
C'mon DASH!

D, A and H of DASH.

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kenwooi Says:

KL roads are pretty confusing right.. =P

Deric Says:

Lookin sharp~ (H)

Chester Chin Says:

Goooooooooood luck! (hahaha trying to build up there xP)

In reply to your answer of what i wore, check out the post 'The Way I Are' xD

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