impulsiveness VS stupidity

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 Everyone's done things at a moment's notice and regretted it later, right?
Like some idea you just got and just acted on it immediately without giving it much thought.
Maybe because it sounded like a good idea, or people were pressing you to makeadecisionmakeadecisionmakeadecision!, or you just couldn't be bothered to think it through.

Well, I did just that, yesterday.

See, 5S2 got a new English teacher because their original one has taken a 3-month no-pay leave.
The new teacher's a Form 6 graduate, waiting for university entrance.

My former classmates have been telling me all sorts of stories about how hopeless she is and how bad her English is.
So, I decided to enter her class for a one-period ('Bout 35 minutes) lesson yesterday.
I was curious as to how 'awful' the newbie teacher was.
Also, I wanted some part in hazing the newbie.

Mean of me, I know.
But I just can't stand teachers who teach certain subjects they're not even good at, just because there's a lack of anyone else to pick the class up.

So, anyway, I went in for the period after recess, while my own class (5S3) was having History.
At first, she didn't even notice me.
Then she started handing out worksheets for us to complete.
As she passed me mine, she squinted and asked, "Are you a student of this class?"
Of course I answered, "Yes,", because that was the truth.

Well, it was the technical truth, anyway.
I was a member of the class - earning my right to be in there in last year's examinations - until the Principal booted me down a class for dropping Accounts for SPM.
So, it wasn't a lie I told.
Logically speaking.
I was just answering her literally.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she asked me manymanymanymanymany times and I answered yes manymanymanymanymany times.
Even a few of my ex-classmates backed me up.
But at last, I had to leave.
She was too darned ruler-straight with nil sense of humour.

Then, she ratted out to the Principal and Penolong Kanan.
Little do-good-ing prick.

So, I've been expecting either a call to the school office or a berating from my parents if they're called up.
None so far, but I'm still on my toes.

I just HATE hypocritical do-gooders.
Dahlah bahasa kau macam apa je, memalukan.
Nak pura-pura baik pulak tuh.
Sudahlah kau!
((Ignore that.))

So, the verdict:
Was I stupid or impulsive?
Was the act one of purposeful hostility or mere curiosity gone overboard?

You tell me.
'Coz sometimes I feel scared shitless at the prospect of getting it from the Principal.
And other times I couldn't give a damn.

((Curse my semi-ADHD self who does stuff like this.))

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