02MJG - 19th Pesta Penang 2010

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Sunday, May 30, 2010 8:54 PM

To all 2nd Manjung Company members who are attending Pesta 2010

Yes, it's me, your PIC - CPL Serene Ling - speaking (Typing??) here.
And yes, I am too lazy to go and tell you guys one by one about the latest updates, so READ YOURSELF.

As a reminder:
  • Pesta is from 11th - 15th June 2010 (Whether or not got stay-over on 10th June will be decided later)
  • Accommodation is at St. Xavier's Institution, S.K. Hutchings and Convent Light Street.
  • Perak contingent is making its own Green T-shirt, so you all don't have to worry 'bout looking for green shirts already. (That's why I needed to collect extra RM19 - Those who haven't paid up, please do so ASAP!)
  • Things to bring:
SLEEPING BAG - Yes, I know I originally said no need, but there's some changes, so please find your own sleeping bags and bring!
Ceremonial uniform/Full uniform (a.k.a. Day Dress) - Please make sure they are complete!
Enough clothes (SOCKS!!!) and personal items (Toiletries, medication, some money, etc.) - Please bring at least ONE pair of long pants/jeans because we will need to wear it during the Pesta.
Parental consent form - They should all be with me already; those who have not passed them up, Monday (31/5/2010) is the dateline!
  • Things NOT to bring:
Expensive electronics and etc. - Cameras, handphones, MP3s - You bring, you jaga. You hilang, YOUR PROBLEM.
Unnecessary stuff i.e. junk food, games and bla bla bla - Please don't make your bags so packed/full/heavy that you will have problem carrying it around!
  • Officers-in-charge:
W/O Cheng Zee Wei
W/O Goh Tee Hann

Members who have not handed in their consent forms/RM19 payment:
  • LCPL Daniel Khoo
  • PTE Kong Wen Chuen
ASAP, please and thank you!

For those who're having uniform problems i.e. missing parts, uniform not complete, etc., please seek out your respective schools' quartermasters and SETTLE IT YOURSELF.

As for the next briefing, I will decide and tell you all after I have discussed with our OIC.
In the meantime, check back here once in a while for updates.

19th Pesta Penang 2010 - Homepage
19th Pesta Penang 2010 - Facebook

Lastly, please remember to pray for the event and for God's guidance that we may have a safe journey there.
Feel free to contact me about any questions (Or find me go out yam cha also never mind de!).

Take care of yourselves, watch your attitudes and the way you act, because you are there as 2nd Manjung Company.
And don't forget to ENJOY YOURSELVES!

UPDATE (30/5/2010 - 9.13pm)
Next briefing is:
  • Sunday (6th June 2010)
  • 4.30pm - 5.00pm
  • Just come for a short while to discuss some things with the officers.
  • Anything? Ask Serene (ACS) or Jia Hao (NH)

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