yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, May 29, 2010 8:15 PM

Woke up at 'bout 11 this morning to Andrew's message:
Kia go breakfast. 

So I figured, "Okay lor, go out a while lor,".
Climbed out of bed, got ready and went to meet up at his house.

Rupa-rupanya kan, the bugger haven't even bathed also.
Me and Alex had to wait for him there.
He bathe... So long lah.

Anyway, went to pick up Alan, then we all went to a shop we call 老地方 (Lao Di Fang - Old Place).
Markie joined us there in a while (Come back from KL also tak bagi tau!), and as usual, we just sat there and crapped chatted for a while.
Lagi teruk than Gossip Girl I tell you, the time we can spend there drinking and talking!

After that we went back to Andrew's place to continue our crapping chatting.
Until around 3-something, then they wanted to go to McD.
Okay lor, so I just follow.

On the way to McD, we picked up Rebecca.
Reach there, continue crapping chatting some more.
(See, see? Teruk right, we can gossip talk nonstop de!)

4.30pm, Markie took me to church - MYF - then 6.00pm Andrew took me back again.
Anyway I reached home 'bout 6.30pm today.

My 'go out a while' turned out to be missing whole afternoon!
But no complaints lah, haven't seen Andrew and Markie in quite a while, so it was cool meeting them again.

Anyways, I keep thinking that if my dad knew my best and closest friends are all guys, I think he would seriously freak.
And then start a lecture that won't end for hours.
Once he starts, he never stops.
It's kind of like eating Pringles, just a lot more sien-ing.

But that's me.
I am more comfortable around guys instead of girls, and these friends of mine never fail to cheer me up.
Doesn't matter what's gone on or what problems I'm having, just being around them - going out or doing stuff together - can make me forget everything for a few hours.
It's like that's a happy place for me, y'know?

Few people can understand this, I suppose.
Just because I prefer hanging out with guys, people get all sorts of funny ideas.
Well, what can I say?
As long as I'm in the right frame of mind and doing stuff for the right reasons, no one has the right to discourage me and distance me from these friends.


Today's MYF talk was on self esteem, the first of a topic that will cover a few weeks.
I know, I haven't shown my face at Wesley's MYF for a loooooooooooong while, but today so ngam lah!
Just nice can be there for this topic, something that I guess I can relate to, huh?

Next few weeks, if I'm free, I'll try to catch the rest of the talks.

Anyway, it's just a casual post from me.
Should start studying for Physics on Monday.

Kondo itsu aeru?
Shikata nai-yo, aitakatta desu...

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