the power of love...

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Love is such a wonderful thing, don't you think?
It appears when you least expect it, grabs you when you try to run from it, and holds you where you are when you turn away from it.

There're so many types of love that exist - from the very basic sibling love to the passion between males and females.

It is one of the most raw emotions that a human can feel and it spurns us to do the most outrageous things.
Things that, under normal circumstances, we'd never ever even think of doing.

IMHO, love is one of God's greatest gift to us.
 The ability to love - and the need to be loved in return - is something that sets us apart from the rest of the living creatures.
Love is one of the most core senses that even a newborn is able to experience.

Love - and its expression - is something that has the remarkable ability to empower each and every one of us with a kind of fire that enables us to function.
Be it coming from a sister, a spouse, a BFF or a significant other, love is a glowing sensation that cheers us on through everyday life.

When you're loved, it feels like basking in sunshine.
You can go through mundane tasks - school, work, chores, exams - and still feel a vigor that was not there before.

Yes, it applies the same to all factions of love - even parental.


Maybe it seems unlikely to you because you'd be thinking, "Hey, I've lived with my parents for years and never felt the 'burst of sunshine' thing following me through my teeth-brushing routine!".

But (Ah ha!) there's a catch.
With love has to come the ability to express it.

You have to show the person(s) you love that you love them.
Else they wouldn't be able to 'feel' your love.
That much should be obvious, right?

So if you live with parents who're sticklers for rules and are forever uptight, you could be thinking, "They don't really love me,", but it could always be a case of them not showing their love.
Maybe they're not the type to be openly touchy-feely, or maybe they just don't know how.

Yeah, sure, I suppose many people would like to go for classes on "Love Expression 101", and not the type that's just for newlyweds about to go on their first honeymoon, either.

If people could just learn to love openly (And that means showing it!), things would be so much easier.

Maybe that family wouldn't always argue if they knew that deep down under all the shouting matches about financial problems was the idea of wanting everyone to get the best and live comfortable lives.
Maybe that couple wouldn't break up if they knew that behind the accusations of jealousy was an emotion of wanting to keep the other safe.
Maybe those divorcees would still be together if they knew that she cheated on him because he never showed her he loved her or even cared for her.

I don't live in a perfect world where everything's balloons and cotton candy, but hasn't everyone wished at least once before that such a universe existed?
A place where everyone didn't have social restrictions and emotional restraints, and were free to communicate with each other?
Oh, Eden.

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love is.. subjective =)

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