short update... i promise!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Thursday, May 27, 2010 8:57 PM


It's been 'bout two weeks of exams already so far.
Done all my Teras (Core) subjects and a few Sciences, next up are Add Maths, Chemistry and Physics.
I'm not counting Sivik and PJPK as subjects.
So, yeah.

Next week is my doom.
'Coz I really suck at the Sciences subjects.

Yet I'm in Science Stream.
You ask why?
I answer, "I pun tak tau!"


On a cheerful-ler note, I changed my blog layout!
(And blog name also, actually)

You like, you like, you like?
Spent so long transferring my widgets over.
OMG, my eyes hurt from staring at all the codings.

But I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
[emoemoii] has been long overdue for a makeover, anyway.

Tell me what you guys think of it leh!
(And tell me if you got any interesting widgets or other stuff I can add to my blog!)

Miss my C-Box?
Look up, "Leave A Footprint"!

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[rin] Says:

thankiu thankiu thankiu~~~

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