5 reasons to wear contacts/glasses...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, June 26, 2010 10:05 PM

... If you really need 'em!

No, I'm not talking 'bout wearing those sight-corrective stuff for fun or fashion.
I'm talking about why you should put 'em on if you really need sight correction.

Short sighted? Have astigmatism?
But hate putting on contact lenses or even glasses?
Well, you SHOULD!

Aaaaaand here're the reasons WHY:

  1. Because messing up signboards would mean wasting a good amount of time - The directions are up there. Turning round and round because you couldn't read the sign clearly would just be sh*tty.
  2. Because getting whacked in the head with a ball during games hurts - It's even worse if you can't even see what hit you.
  3. Because you won't have a solid argument with the teacher when she asks why you didn't do the homework assigned - She'd just go, "You know you can't see, wear specs lah!". Use excuses such as "Couldn't hear you, too noisy!" instead.
  4. Because watching movies in Blur mode ain't fun - All you see is moving colours and shapes. I wouldn't pay RM10 for a cinema ticket to come out not knowing what the heck I just watched.
  5. Because not being able to identify the person waving at you from across the room is an awful feeling - Wave back, and you'll feel doubtful ("Who the heck is that??"). Don't wave, and people will say you're stuck up. Ish.
I suppose there are many other reasons why people should seriously wear their specs, but I'm lazy to list them out at the moment.


And that was my very lame attempt to convince myself that I should wear my specs/contacts.
Epic fail lah.

I find it so ma fan to wear them man.
Specs looks F-U-G-L-Y while contacts takes time to put on.
Plus right, my protein build up is like WHOAAA so I've to keep cleaning them with drops.

Funny thing is right, people who need specs don't want them.
But people with perfect vision want to wear glassless glasses (A returning trend) and plano (Zero power) contacts because they "look fashionable".

The world ain't fair.
Wait till those people actually need the corrective tools, then they'll see how ma fan is it.

Be content and satisfied with what you have, people!
They say that it isn't till you lose something that you'll seriously miss it and learn to appreciate it, but by then it'll be too late liao!

10 Response to "5 reasons to wear contacts/glasses..."

LeaF芳 Says:

haha...i prefer wearing lense~

Lindy Says:

True true. People who NEED to wear specs don't wanna wear it but people who DON't need specs wear those specs with no lens 1. So frikkin annoyin. They think its fun to wear glasses all the time. HAHA :D

[rin] Says:

@Lindy YESH LAH goshhh... see those glassless glasses also sien diao...

@Calvin thx thx thx ^^V

kenwooi Says:

im with glasses all the time.. dont dare touch my own eyeballs =P

[rin] Says:

haha they feel like squishy and jelly-like...
they just feel smooth... plus won't really touch it much also... xD

Anonymous Says:

i wear glasses n contacts.. once in my physic class (once upon a time yearssss ago), i asked my teacher .. "cikgu, boleh cikgu besarkan skit tulisan, saya tak nampak"

during that time, we were on topic 'Optic'

and he answered back " kat depan ni banyak kanta, awak pilihlah..."

macam sial.. haha!

tats d reason until now i never left my glasses.. cait..

[rin] Says:

lawlz! your teacher so sporting xDDD~
if i said that to any of my teachers they will just look at me weirdly... probably wondering if i'm really serious bout what i just said anot gua... xD

btw next time leave a nickname lo... >.^

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