i got myself some KE$HA...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, July 2, 2010 6:22 PM

So, I was away from home for a couple of days.
Went to a "Science Camp" thingy at Seri Iskandar, organized by JPN or something.
Let's just say that even my junior NCOs at BB can do a better job at camps.

Anyway I came home today and there was a surprise waiting for me in my room!

Did I ever mention I love surprises?

Anyways, usually my room is really, really messy.
I mean, seriously messy.
Like, everything's all over the place.

But I definitely know when anything's changed or moved or even when someone's been to sweep the floor.
So, when I came home from the camp today, I found...

Express package delivery!

Normally I get stuff by Pos Laju or Pos Expres, so something coming from City-Link is really unusual.
At first, I thought someone put it on my table then forgot to take it.
Then, I turned it over...

And my eyes almost popped out!

I joined the contest by Galaxie almost a month ago, never expecting to even win anything.
But hey, Grand Prize weh!

So, you wanna know what's inside?

An original Animal by Ke$ha CD from Sony BMG.

A tank top that I can never wear - not while I'm still living under this roof, anyway - because of what it says.
The tagline doesn't make much sense, but it looks okay, overall.
Unfortunately it's got "F***ING" in it, so my parents probably won't be too happy 'bout me wearing it around here.

Jealous much?

Anyway, happy!
Never expected to actually win, because I hardly ever win contests.
But still, free stuff!

Ah, feels good to be home.

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SiMon Har Says:

congrats on your winning!

Adrian Says:

cool tee~haha!

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