back from target camp: a little beaten, a little battered but still surviving...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Monday, June 7, 2010 3:40 PM

So, 02MJG (That's the BB company I join, BTW) had its Target Camp last Saturday - Sunday.
I was one of the helpers and let me tell you, being a Senior is not an easy job!

After joining BB for 4+ years, I'm currently one of the most senior members of the company.
That means being more knowledgeable, more experienced and more ‘pro’ at lansi-ing and 车大炮-ing.
But it also means that I’ve got many members under me who’re looking up at all the Seniors for guidance and leading.

Being a Senior means being a leader who first and foremost leads by example.
Everyone does what you do and (Especially the more ganas Seniors!) look up at you fearfully.

They teach us at leadership training schools all the aspects of leadership and stuff like that.
How to become a good leader’ material.
But it isn’t until you can feel and experience it for yourself that you’ll be able to truly understand what leadership means.

After all these years, I have more or less come to terms with being a leader.
Well, I’ve had to, of course.
Being a Corporal isn’t something that promises a smooth, straight road.

A BB NCO - that’s Non-Commissioned Officer (Or Never Complain Officer if you’re trying to be funny) - is a great responsibility.
You’re a level above the members and have to strive hard because everyone observes you.
Officers, outsiders, members; if you wear those stripes, expect to have all eyes on you.

Being a leader means not showing you’re tired even though everyone else is just about done in.
It means you have to think fast and make quick decisions when problems crop up.
It means always showing a brave front and a confident mask, no matter what’s happening.

Not bad training to prepare people for the real world, actually.

Anyway, even though I’m not the world’s best leader (Far from it!), I think I’ve really made a great effort.
A lot has changed in my life after I joined BB.
There’s still room for improvement - definitely - but these years have surely been beneficial for me.

As I face my final year of school and BB, I’m trying to make the best of it.
Study harder, play harder; be someone worthwhile.
Someone who, maybe, after she leaves, will still be remembered for the person she is instead of the deeds she’s done.
Because that would be the greatest achievement of all.

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