first day after trials...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Saturday, August 28, 2010 9:30 AM

So, trials are over.
Am free for now.
Still don't feel like much though.
Oh, gods.

Anyway, my first day after trials was a Friday and the morning started off by going to CHMC for a BB meeting.
Strange that I should be going even after I've already graduated from it, but... Meh.
After, went for regular yumcha session with the GG Gang (Alan, Alex, Ervin, me) and Ling Jia.

Teh ice, Milo ice, Kopi peng
Then, drove all the way down to Lumut Waterfront to lepak for a bit.
As usual, when GG gets together, crazy stuff happens.
Aaaaaand, we camwhore like WHOA.
Vin and Alan
Trespassing on private jetty
Vin found a dinghy
Alan found a (very patriotic) boat
And they both found a cement swordfish. FML.
The Thinker and Mr Incredible
Yeah, well.
THEY camwhored, anyway.

I got some nice scenery shots, though.
Too bad I didn't have my camera on me; had to make do with a W595i's 3.2MP.

Oh yeah.
I drove Vin's Myvi into a cement pole, too.
Fingers itchy to test out an auto car, I was a little careless and maneuvered it to kiss the pole.
I swear I went ten shades of pale when I heard the scrape.
It wasn't too bad, and I promised to pay him whatever it costs to fix the paint-job and a bit of knocking, but I still feel like shit.
He was super gracious about it - didn't even shout at me or anything.
And that makes me feel even shittier.
Gods, will there be no end to my miserable uselessness?

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Anonymous Says:

haha.. its good tht u're having fun after the trials..
Go crazy during the raya hols!!
take care n have fun =)

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