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this awesomeness is by [rin] , Wednesday, August 4, 2010 10:32 PM

I am very, very, very sick now.
Like red-eyed, runny-nosed, sneeze-crazy sick.
Thought it was just sinus as usual, but it seems to be a extending into cold instead.
Oh, gods.

(I kind of 'adopted' that "Oh, gods" thing from Percy Jackson. >.>)


Today was WendyD's birthday and we celebrated at school.
It was kinda like Jack's birthday a few months back, right down to the Secret Recipe cake and the whole 'hush-hush' atmosphere.
But then again, when you live in a small town like Sitiawan, Secret Recipe cakes are considered treats and school is the best place to celebrate with everyone.
So, yeah.

Was cute, the way we put things together at the last minute just to celebrate it for her.
They tried so hard to keep her from knowing, but I supposed she kind of guessed anyway.
Still, it was fun and one of our last so-called 'happy moments' before the end of our final year arrives.
So I smuggled my camera to school and the whole bunch of us camwhored and stuff.

This Friday will be the day I go down to KL for the Sunway University College's blogging contest prize giving ceremony.
(Wow, that was a mouthful)
Sincerely hope I win, although the experience alone was awesome!

And of course, SPM TRIALS will be starting the Monday after next.
So, yeah, I've been (((trying))) to study.
Very little is going in, though, especially the memorizing subjects like Sejarah.
I mean, who really cares about pages and pages of Islamic history?
We should seriously be learning stuff that are more open and useful, like world history.
We have that, like, only one chapter nya.

But that one chapter was so enjoyable that I steadfastly refuse to study it in Malay.
I'm going to do research on European history (Dark Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Revolution) on the Internet so that I can truthfully say that I really STUDIED Sejarah.

I think that's about it in my life for now, everything else is more or less minor details.
Either that, or I can't remember because I'm too sick to think straight.
Oh, gods.

Oh, oh, oh, yes!
Can anyone recommend a good multipurpose solution for contact lenses?
I need a new brand, because the previous few I've tried are either sucky or not suitable for me.
I think my eyes are a little sensitive, so...

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