back from kl...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, August 6, 2010 11:22 PM

I'm just home from my trip down to KL for the blogging contest's prize-giving ceremony.
Nothing much, really.
Four long hours' drive down to pick up some books and RM100, then four long hours' drive back.

Can't say I'm not disappointed that I didn't get an Ipod Touch, or that the system should have been more human-judge-based rather than votings, but a finalist out of 70+ entries from all over Malaysia doesn't seem too bad, I guess?

Just feeling a little down, because the trip was seriously tiring and seemed like a bit much just to pick up RM100...

Oh, well.
When I feel like I'm up to it, maybe I'll upload some photos and stuff.
Not now, though.
Like, effing exhausted now.
KL traffic and roads are biatches.

Just a short update, anyways.

6 Response to "back from kl..."

Nina Nurziana Says:

traffic are bad especially friday.. T__T

sophiatai :) Says:

whoa. i didnt know you live so far away.

yeah, and I agree. I think dr stephan should pick the winners.

[rin] Says:

@Nina, KL traffic is bad every friggin' day... D:

@sophia, heyo girl! haha yeah I'm from Manjung, Prk, so... >.>

Hikki aka Amanda Says:

KL traffic is horrible...;(

[rin] Says:

@Hikki, Hell yeah ;.;

[rin] Says:

@Hikki, Hell yeah ;.; It was hell trying to navigate and avoid vicious roadrage cars at the same time >.>

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