what we 'learn' from history...

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We've always heard it being said that our history is what teaches us about our future.
Our history is where we get lessons from which to improve ourselves and avoid the same mistakes our forefathers made.
Our history is meant to teach the younger generations about our past and our legacies, so that we don't forget who we are in essence.

But if these are the reasons why we are learning history, then what the heck have we been studying in Sejarah at school?

Because to me, it appears more to be a chance to show off the achievements people have made in the past, not allow us to learn from them.
To me, it seems like the only reason our Sejarah syllabuses are saturated with Islamic history is to conduct a sort of 'brainwashing' thing, or to convince the 'rest of us' that Islam was a major part of the world's past and present.
And in Malaysia, where we should be taking a leaf out of other, more advanced countries' books, we are instead sticking to a system where we're only focusing on what happened here and not the world in general.

Well, I don't deny that yes, our country's past is important, but what happened to the rest of the world matters, too!
Of course, Islam and its whole movement was a big part of history, but what about everything else?

We have one chapter on Europe's Dark Ages and a few references here and there to the World Wars, but that's about it for Sejarah Tingkatan 4 and Tingkatan 5.
We don't get to learn about the early civilizations; the New World discoveries; the in-depth of the Renaissance and Reformation periods!
Closer to home, we don't even get to know more about the Chinese empires and many dynasties or even the spread of all the other major religions in these areas.
Heck, our textbooks even have ridiculously stupid information errors, especially when discussing the religions.

I mean, who said that Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity?
That's like saying the Nabi Muhammad 'mengasas agama Islam' (Founded the Islamic religion), and I'm sure that statement would create an uproar in this country if written in the textbooks.
Same concept, okay?
Jesus did NOT 'create' Christianity, he was the Son of God sent from heaven to save the souls of all of us!
For goodness sake, if those historians (Or textbook authors, whichever) can't even get that right, what's to say they got anything else correct?

By not being given the chance to open our minds up to the world and the things happening around us, we have already successfully begun our first step backwards.
As if we're not heading backwards fast enough already, is it?

Stupid, stupid, stupid Sejarah.

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Nick Says:

sejarah.. i studied that book b4.. lolx

thomas Says:

i am surprise that history seems to be part of someones propaganda nowadays unlike those days when we learn about the real world history.

ken Says:

we learn that history is boring =)

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