addicted to gossip girl!

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Tuesday, August 10, 2010 12:39 AM

Gossip Girl.

It is my new favourite thing, so.
Just putting it out there.

Anyways, watching movies which reflect real life people in real life situations engaging in real life animated banter is just real life awesome.
Although, real life probably doesn't have quite that much drama, unlike the series.
But I think you understand what I mean gua?

Being able to watch people whose country speaks English as a native language engaging in daily social activities is stimulating.
I mean, Manglish is fun and useful and expressionable and all, but real English is the epitome of awesome.
Your brain has to work fast and try to catch things as they come so that you'd be able to understand what's going on in the show.
And after long periods of dumbing down my language to communicate with people in everyday life, to be able to witness something so different is just...
It makes me happy.

Besides, the look on my family members' faces as I laugh and comment on the show is just priceless.
Like my brother, for example, who was like, "Hah? What so funny?" when I was helplessly laughing over the sarcastic, verbal attacking scenes.
Ooooh, bliss.

And, I hate dumbing down my language intellect just to get through the day.
It's so annoying sometimes when I've got something smart to say, but hardly anyone understands it.
So, yeah, Manglish is going to be the death of this beautiful language in Malaysia.

I pretty much have little idea what I'm actually talking about.
Just had carbonated apple juice AND a mug of really sweet coffee, which is gonna be killer for my hyperactive mind tonight.
So just bear with me?

I feel like downloading all the Gossip Girl episodes, then enjoy swimming in Chace Crawford's lovely blue eyes.

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